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Booking Air Tickets has never been so easy!

Here’s an application that you can download on your Mobile and Book Air Tickets with a few clicks.

You can view Fares and Flight Schedules for all  available Airlines and Book Tickets by paying through Credit Card. You will get an instantaneous confirmation PNR* in the application itself . An  e-ticket will be mailed to your email address  within 24 hours.

Don’t Worry! - The Credit Card Transaction is SECURE and your Credit Card Details will not be stored anywhere in the application or in the system

How to Book

  • Go to BREW Browser and Select “AirTickets” to download application.
  • Select To City, From City and Date of Journey.
  • View Flight Schedules and Fares. Select the Best Option.
  • Enter Personal Details.
  • Enter your Credit Card Details and PAY in a SECURE Way.

Your Ticket

You’ll get a confirmation in the application which will be available as part of “Booking History”.
An e Ticket will be mailed to the Email ID provided.

Please Note

  • Booking for Domestic Flights.
  • Only Direct Flights between selected Destinations
  • Only VISA and Master Credit Cards accepted.


  • Rs.10/- for 3 DAYS
  • Rs. 15/- for 7 DAYS
  • Rs. 30/- for a MONTH.

* PNR= Unique Booking Number for the passenger


  • Tata Indicom subscribers (Subscriber) are only entitled to the facilities offered in this service and prices mentioned therein.
  • Subscriber understands that TTL is only a telecom medium to facilitate booking of Airline Tickets and the Service is provided by third party service provider ("Paymate").
  • The choice of airlines is as per discretion of Paymate and associates and TTL does not take and/or accept any responsibility in this connection.
  • The information on fares and flight schedules is as furnished by Paymate and associates and TTL does not make any representation or warranty to the Subscriber in connection with the information furnished and accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, whatsoever and the decision to make a transaction by the Subscriber shall be at the Subscriber's own risk.
  • Payment shall be made directly by the Subscriber to Paymate and is handled by Paymate. TTL does not take and/or accept any responsibility in this connection.
  • A transaction by a Subscriber shall be deemed to be an independent arrangement between Subscriber and Paymate and TTL shall not be held responsible for anything thereunder.
  • All taxes/charges/levies in connection with the booking amount, present and future, shall be borne by the Subscriber.
  • The information furnished by the Subscriber is solely the responsibility of the Subscriber and TTL does not make any representation or warranty to the Subscriber in connection with the information furnished.
  • TTL reserves the right to change/modify/terminate the service any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice and without assigning reasons.
  • TTL shall not be responsible for any non-performance or breach of any contract between the Subscriber and Paymate, which includes but not limited to any non-delivery or shortfall or deficiency of services or delay in service delivery, non-receipt of service or receipt of substandard service by the Subscriber etc; and no mediation will be entertained by TTL in case of any dispute or disagreement between the Subscriber and the Paymate.
  • In case of any dispute or difference in respect of or in connection with the Payment, Service, fares and flight schedule , the same shall be resolved between Paymate and the Subscriber and the same shall be subject to the jurisdiction of competent court/s at Mumbai.
  • For more queries related to Airline Ticket booking , please call 022 - 66228113/4/5 between 8am-8pm.
For Queries related to application download and usage call up 121

How to Download

  • Go to BREW Browser.
  • Select Air Tickets
  • Download the application as per your Requirement


  • Availability of Flight Details along with Fares and Schedules for the date and Sectors of journey
  • Flights arranged in Ascending Order of Fares to help in Selection.
  • SECURE Credit Card Payment.
  • Get INSTANTANEOUS confirmation in the application .
  • E Ticket would be mailed to your Email ID.
  • Booking History Section of the Application stores last 10 booking confirmations.
  • Service Currently available for Domestic Travel.
  • The application allows booking domestic flights only.
  • Flight Details are available for direct flights between selected destinations only.
  • Only ONE One Way Ticket can be booked through the application at a time.

Supported Handsets

“Air Tickets” is available on the following handsets:




Postpaid & Prepaid


Razr V3C


Book Ticket

The service provides you information on flight schedule and fares for the desired sector and allows you to book ONE seat for ONE WAY journey at a time.
This is available only for the select cities shown in the application.
Select From City, To City, Date of Travel and click on Submit.
You will be displayed a list of flights along with fares and schedule. Select the desired flight, and key in your name, email id and Mobile Number.
Enter your Credit Card Details like your Card No, Name of the Card Holder, Expiry Date and CVV and Click on “Book”.
You will receive an SMS confirmation and an e ticket will be mailed to the email address provided.

Booking History

Booking history will show you your last 10 tickets booked.
You can clear the history by deleting the ticket information

Boarding Pass

At the counter, you will need to provide the e ticket or PNR Number along with Photo ID proof to collect the boarding pass.

Privilege Members

Privilege Members of respective airlines can get their points added at the check in counter.

Cancellation of Tickets

For cancellation of Tickets, please call 022 - 66228113/4/5.

Complaints and Queries

For more queries related to Airline Ticket booking, please call 022 - 66228113/4/5 between 8am-8pm.For Queries related to application download and usage call 121.


The fares displayed are inclusive of all taxes. Eg: If the fare displayed is Rs. 2500/-, your account will be charged Rs. 2500/-.

Modes of Payment

Only VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards Accepted.