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Customer Service Charter - FAQs

Q1:  What is Customer Charter / Performance Assured?
A:  Sir/Madam, this is a pledge made in the interest of our esteemed TATA Indicom customers on Service levels that are expected from TTSL.  Through customer charter, we are setting a benchmark in telecom industry by not only promising our customers the best in class Service but also committing to adhere to it at all times & penalizing ourselves, if we fail to meet this promise.

Q2a: What does Customer charter / Service Pledge / Performance Assured consist of?
Q2b: What are we offering through customer Charter / Service pledge to our customers?
A: Sir/Madam, Customer Charter / Service Pledge is not a simple offer but a sincere commitment to our customer on:
(1)  Addressing all billing disputes raised with us within 3 working days, else compensating them @ Rs.25 per day per connection if addressed beyond 3 working days, maximum up to last billed amount in postpaid or last RCV amount in prepaid.
(2)  Compensation @2.5% of the billed value in postpaid mobile customer’s bill if call drop % due to Tata network in a billing cycle is >1.5% in select cities.
(3)  Call back option to the postpaid customers if hold time to speak to an agent is >90 secs. 
(4)  Avail loaner handset facility if handset repair is not done over the counter through our I-care centers. This is a facility to Tata Indicom customers who have purchased handsets from our handsets partners.
(5)  Free trials on select VAS products to educate our customers on our VAS products and experience the Service 

Q3: What products are these offers applicable to?
A: Sir/Madam, Customer Charter / Service Pledge is applicable for
(1)  Compensation for Billing complaints addressed beyond SLA – Applicable for Tata Indicom Postpaid, Prepaid, PCO, R-Dell & Parsec  customers.
(2)  Commitment on call drops – Applicable for TATA Indicom Post-paid Mobile customers
(3)  Call Back option to customer at the call centre - Applicable for TATA Indicom Post-paid customers.
(4) Commitment on Handset repair at Tata’s I-Care centers - Applicable for TATA Indicom Post-paid Mobile & Pre-paid Mobile customers within handset warranty period.
(5) Free VAS experience & Customer education - Applicable for TATA Indicom Post-paid & Pre-paid customers

Q4: Do I need to apply for this? How can Customer avail this facility? Is this an offer?
A: Sir/Madam, No, there is no subscription required for this. Commitment through customer charter is to all TI Customers and therefore all Customers would be eligible for it, as per the applicability & T&Cs published by us in Tata Indicom website and other means.

Q5: Is there any hidden cost? Do I have to pay while enjoying the benefits of Service pledge?
A: Sir/Madam, There is no hidden cost. Customers do not have to pay any additional amount for this.  However the customer is advised to refer to the ‘Terms & conditions’ given in our website

Q6: Do you compensate on having network problems? I sometimes experience call drop issue.
A: Sir / Madam, if you are a TATA Indicom postpaid mobile customer & belong to Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, NESA and J & K, then we offer to identifying the call drops experienced by you due to Tata network.  We are committed to compensate 2.5% of your billed value if the call drop in a bill cycle is more than >1.5%. 

Q7:  Why is the call drop commitment not extended to Customer staying in other circles?
A: Sir / Madam, This offer is presently made available to the TATA Indicom Post-paid mobile Customers in select cities - Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, NESA and J & K.

Q8:  How will you compensate me if my complaint on billing has taken more than committed period to resolve as mentioned in your Service charter?
A: Sir / Madam, we will take 3 working days to address your billing complaint and confirm the addressal to you over SMS or OBD.  In case due to some unavoidable reasons we fail to close your complaint within 3 working days, we will pay Rs.25/- per day for each additional day beyond 3 days, taken to address the complaint.  The compensation amount will be credited to your account once your complaint is closed in our system.  However, please note that the compensation amount will not exceed your last billed amount if postpaid or last recharge amount if prepaid.

Q9:  How can I place a request to receive a call back if needed as mentioned in your Service charter?
A: Sir/Madam, at our call centre IVR, if you choose the option to speak to an agent and if  the hold time is >90secs to get connected to our agent, then you would have the option of registering a request for call back.  You just need to follow the IVR instructions to register your request. If you opt for the call back, you will receive a call from TATA Indicom within 2 hrs subject to 8AM to 8PM. If you do not opt for it, your call would remain in queue for the agent to answer the call.

Q10: Will I have to pay for the loaner handset that your service centre provides  me if I am giving my handset for repair.
A: Sir/ Madam, you don’t have to pay for the loaner handset issued to you. You shall return the loaner handset back when your handset is being repaired & returned to you.  Handsets are repaired through our handset / service partners & Our I-Care centre agent will guide you accordingly

Q11: Which handset brands is this service available for?
A: Sir/Madam, Handsets eligible under this offer are the makes of Huawei, Haier & Samsung that are co-branded with Tata / Tata Indicom within the warranty period.

Q12: Are there any terms & conditions applicable when I submit my handset for repair and take a loaner handset from you?
Sir/Madam, The handset repair service is offered only through our i-Care centers. TTSL makes this offer as a facilitator to our customers though TTSL does not deal with handsets. The terms & conditions as specified on the i-care job sheet shall apply.

 Q13: Is this available with competition? Or Is this mandated by TRAI / Dot?
A: Sir/Madam, As per our information, no other operator has come up with anything like this in India nor is it a mandate from any of the telecom govt. bodies. Tata Indicom is the first telecom operator in India to do so, for our valued customers and set a benchmark in the area of telecom Customer service in the interest of our esteemed Customers to provide the best customer experience.

Q14: What benefits do I get?
A: Sir/Madam, as a customer your benefits are as follows:

  1. Improved in accuracy of billing
  2. Improved complaint resolution experience
  3. Improved network experience
  4. Improved handset services
  5. Improved call centre experience
  6. Awareness about VAS products
  7. Enhanced experience on TATA Indicom connection

Q15: How does this benefit TATA Indicom?
A: Sir/Madam, Tata Indicom values its customers and therefore takes pride in committing to its Customers the Service pledge. This will help Tata Indicom to:

  1. Further instill Customer confidence in TATA Indicom Customer Service
  2. Be a differentiator in the market.
  3. Set a benchmark in the area of telecom Customer Service.

Q16: What is that you are offering under Free VAS experience?
A: We have currently made available free experience of our VAS products like Caller tune, Radio station, SMS alert and Games.
CRBT : 7 day free trial available to Customers who have never tried CRBT before.  Just SMS ‘WTFree’ to 582820 (toll free)                                               
Voice portal: 5 minutes of free IVR experience of Voice station available to all Customers just by dialing 12970 (toll free)                                                                                       
SMSP2A: 7 days free subscription service to SMS alerts by sending ‘ALL’ to 582820 (toll free) available to all Customers.                                                                                       
WAP & BREW: Games with 5 tries free in “Try and Buy section” available to all Customers.

Q17: What if TTSL does not stand by its promise? Who do I escalate to?
A: Sir/Madam, Tata Indicom will take best possible measures to ensure that we fulfill our promise to our Customers in line with the applicable terms & conditions. However, as a remotest possible case if we do not, you may call our call centre or write to our nodal officer (email id) to complain regarding this. You may  go through the terms & conditions provided on our Tata Indicom website.

Q18: What are the T & Cs?
A: Sir / Madam, all the T&Cs would be available on the Tata Indicom website.

Q19: How do I know that TTSL will be fair in paying penalties and not miss giving compensation?
A: Sir/Madam, We assure you that we are committed to fulfilling the pledge made, as and when applicable to our Customers in line with the T&Cs published.  We have developed our systems to automatically compensate for failure in service as per the charter commitments.  However, you may please note, this offer shall not apply to cases affected by any and all reasons beyond our control (‘force majeure’) as set forth in the terms and conditions.

Q20:  Will I have to call TTSL and request for the compensation?
Can I ask for compensation by calling TTSL, if not provided?
A:  Sir/Madam, you will not be required to call us requesting for the compensation. TTSL ensures that compensation as per our customer charter commitment is given to all eligible Customers, automatically.
Decision of TTSL shall be final and binding on all cases under this offer.

Q21: Is this a limited period offer?
A: This is a Customer Service initiative taken up by TTSL purely to:

  1. Further instill Customer confidence in TATA Indicom Customer Service
  2. Be a differentiator in the market
  3. Set benchmark in the area of telecom Customer Service

TTSL however reserves its rights to withdraw, amend, modify this Service Pledge commitment as TTSL may deem necessary without any notice.

In general customer is advised to go through the terms and conditions applicable to this charter.

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