SMS 121

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SMS 121

You can get details of your bill, activate and deactivate Value Added Services and even subscribe to our Add-on Packs, all by simply sending an SMS to 121.

To get your outstanding bill details, SMS BILL to 121.

Request for a Duplicate Bill. SMS DUPBILL MON where MON is the first three letters pf the month. E.g. DUPBILL JUN for the month of June.

To get your bills by email, SMS ebill < your email id >. E.g. ebill

Get all the Tata Docomo Value Added Services by sending an SMS to 121 for:


Customer Desired Service Request SMS Key word
1st Word 2nd Word
3 Way Conferencing ACT/CAN 3WC
Daily Un-billed Usage SUB/UNSUB BILL
Feature Call Forward Busy ACT/CAN CFB
Feature Call Forward Immediate ACT/CAN CFI
Feature Call Forward No Reply ACT/CAN CFN
Feature Call Liner Identification Pin ACT/CAN CLI
Feature Call Waiting ACT/CAN CW
Do not Disturb ACT/CAN DND
Do not Disturb START/STOP DND
Bill in specific regional Language BILL ENG / GUJ / HIN /
Feature - Itemised Bill (RC) ACT/CAN IBLD
Feature - Itemised Bill (RC) ACT/CAN IBLOCAL
KODIAK Group calling service ACT/CAN INSTACHAT
Roaming ACT/CAN NR
Feature - Itemised Bill (NRC) NRCLD  
Feature - Itemised Bill (NRC) NRCLOCAL  
Call Level Change ACT/CAN STD
On demand Billed/Unbilled usage info BILL  
Duplicate Bill DUPBILL First 3 alphabets of the month
Electronic Bill (email Bill) EBILL Your Email id 
No print bill EBILL  
Unbilled Data Usage Info BILL DATA
Change of tariff ACT/CAN International CallsUSA
Change of tariff ACT/CAN International CallsGULF
Change of tariff ACT/CAN UK
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDMAX
Change of tariff ACT/CAN SMSL
Change of tariff ACT/CAN TT
Change of tariff ACT/CAN UPGRADE
Change of tariff ACT/CAN LIFECLI
Change of tariff ACT/CAN INT99
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDL
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDJ
Change of tariff ACT/CAN SMSPACK
Change of tariff ACT/CAN INTRA
Handset Change Mobile(By the Dealer) CHANGE  
Feature SMS Request CAN SMS
  • ACT - Activation
  • CAN - Cancellation
  • SUB - Subscription
  • USUB - Unsubscription