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What is a Customer Loyalty program?
A customer loyalty program is a program designed specifically by a brand to reward its customers, in order to build a long-term relationship with these customers.

What is Tata Photon League?
Tata Photon League is the Loyalty program of Tata Photon and TTL. It is a program designed to thank and reward people like yourself who use and love the Tata Photon brand with benefits such as points being earned against the usage, bonus points and a lot more.
The Tata Photon Plus connection offers you the convenience and security of a richer online experience, with the added opportunity to earn valuable rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits, when you consolidate all your transactions online.

Each time you use the Tata Photon Plus connection online, you would earn Loyalty Points called the League Points.

What are the benefits & privileges of being a member of Tata Photon League?
There's a lot you as a member can look forward to once you are inside Tata Photon League - redeemable League Points, vouchers, gifts, promotions, communities and a lot more!

League Points - Points you earn for using your Tata Photon Plus connection

Special Privileges - You can look forward to special downloads, special offers, exclusive Bonus points and Tata Photon League merchandise.

Tata Photon League Exclusives - Special offers that outsiders can't get their hands on them!

Celebrations@ Infinity - We appreciate that you make Tata Photon a part of your life. Which is why we'll be celebrating your special occasions with gifts, discounts and offers, just for you - to make those special moments even more memorable.

Shopping Scoops - Take advantage of exclusive reviews, polls and ratings on everything from gadgets to restaurants. Be the first to know about new services, product launches other promotions via our quarterly newsletter exclusively for members.

24x7 Connectivity - Anytime, anywhere access to your online Tata Photon league account. Plus, access to Tata Photon League Member Service Helpdesk to handle your queries.

What is a League Point?
A League Point is the reward currency earned when you use Tata Photon Plus connection. The more you use, the more you earn. For e.g. For 250 League Points you can redeem a foldable haversack.

How does a member find out about the special offers, promotions, partner programs and other news that may be relevant to me as a member of Tata Photon League?
We will get in touch with you regarding new products, special offers, promotions, partner programs & lots more through the email ID & Mobile No. that you have registered with us at the time of enrolment. So make sure you give your email ID & Mobile no. correctly!
You can also log on the www.tataphotonleague.com or call us at our Toll Free number 1800 209 6622


Who is eligible to become a member of Tata Photon League?
All customers who are above 18 years of age have a Tata Photon Plus individual, post-paid connection can be enrolled into the program.

How does a customer become a member of Tata Photon League?
It's simple. There are just a few simple steps to it
  • Buy a Tata Photon Plus individual, post-paid connection
  • Use it for a period of  two months if your usage extends to 1.5 GB/month or more or your Tata Photon bill amount exceeds Rs. 750 or more you will be automatically enrolled into Tata Photon League.
  • You will receive an email and a SMS about your membership details consequently.

Is there an enrolment fee that is charged to the customer?
No, membership to Tata Photon League is absolutely FREE!

Does the customer get anything at the time of enrolment?
At the time of enrolment, you will
  • Receive an email and sms about the program
  • Starter Bonus based on the previous 6 months of usage details.
You will also receive a subsequent email with your user id and password to login in to my account on Tata Photon League website

What are Tata Photon League Membership Tiers? How does a member move between tiers?

Tata Photon League has 2 membership tiers - Superstars and Stars.
  • Stars - members who use Tata Photon Plus up to 1.5 GB/month  or Bill amount exceeds Rs. 750 per month and AON is more than 2 months
  • Superstars- members who use Tata Photon Plus up to 4 GB/month  or Bill amount reaches Rs. 1500 per month and AON is more than 2 months
Your membership will move from Star to Superstar basis his spends and usage with Tata Photon Plus connection on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits to the customer being in Star Tier or Superstar Tier?

Tata Photon League has exclusive communication and activities for these Superstar members from time to time.

If the first transaction of the member is over Rs. 1500 or over 4 GB, does he get enrolled immediately? How many points does he get on the first transaction?
All members are enrolled as per the qualifying criteria, based on usage and bill amount in that month and will get enrolled as per that tier on the transaction. However the customer needs to have the Tata Photon connection for at least 2 months to be eligible for enrolment.

How long would the member's Tata Photon League membership be valid?
Your Tata Photon League membership is valid for as long as the Membership id is active. It will lapse, if your account remains inactive/dormant (defined as zero usage) for a period of 1 year and can be re-activated if you use the connection at any time in the future.

Can a member renew a lapsed membership?
You can reactivate a lapsed membership the next time you uses the Tata Photon Plus connection and meet the eligibility criteria.  

How can a member upgrade his/ her membership tier?
A member is automatically upgraded to the Superstar tier, if his/her spend exceeds Rs.1500 or 4 GB respectively in that month. Points as per the agreed structure will accrue to the member from the same transaction onwards.

When will a member's tier get reviewed?
All tier upgrades will take place automatically in case the qualifying criteria is met. The Annual Tier review will take place 12 months from the date of enrolment or the date of last upgrade, whichever is later.

Can a membership tier be downgraded?
A Superstar member is automatically downgraded to the member tier, if their spend falls below Rs.1500 or 4 GB respectively, anytime during their membership validity period or at the time of its renewal.


When does a member start earning League Points?
You can start earning points from the time you are enrolled.

Where can one redeem points?
Points can be redeemed online at the exclusive member website – www.tataphotonleague.com after 25th Feb 2011

How many League Points can one earn?
League Points are awarded basis the table below

Usage Criteria Points Earned
<  0.5 GB None
0.5 to < 1.5 GB


1.5 to < 4 GB


4 to < 10 GB


> 10 GB


Do Superstar and Star members earn the same or different points with their usage?
No, points earned by members do not depend on their tiers. However the Superstar members get special privileges and offerings from time to time

What is the validity of League Points?

The League Points earned in a financial year are valid for a period of 3 years from the end of the financial year of awarding, subject to having a valid Membership. E.g. League Points earned by a member in the FY April 2011-March 2012 will be valid till 31st March 2015. However, on expiry of the membership and/or expiry of the League Points, the member shall be given 3 months from the date of expiry during which he or she can redeem these League Points.
(Note: Financial year refers to 1st April of that year to 31st March of the following year).

How can a member be sure that the correct points are being credited to his/her account?
You can log in to your account online and check your League Points status and can ratify it against the Tata Photon Plus Bill for that month.

Will a member earn League Points for usage of Tata Photon Plus connection made before becoming a member of Tata Photon League?

Only transactions made at the time of enrolment into Tata Photon League or thereafter will earn League points. However as a one-time token of gratitude the members will be getting special Starter Bonus Points (based on their 6 months usage)

How soon will League Points earned reflect in a member’s Tata Photon League online account?
League Points get credited to the member’s account immediately after the monthly billing has been completed. The online account will indicate the number of points earned on the transaction on completion of the billing after a month.

Does a member need to have some minimum number of points before he/she can redeem League Points?
There is absolutely no threshold. You can redeem your League Points immediately after the very first transaction.

How does a member redeem his/ her League Points?
You can redeem your League Points online on the exclusive member website – www.tataphotonleague.com

Can League Points be redeemed for any person other than the member?
League Points can only be redeemed by a Tata Photon League member against transactions made by him/her.

What should a member do in the event of League Points not getting credited, or getting incorrectly accounted for, to his/ her account?
You need to send an email to Tata Photon League Member Helpdesk at helpdesk@tataphotonleague.com with all the relevant details of the bill, including the date bill, bill number and membership number. The errors, if any, will be resolved and the points updated accordingly. Alternatively you can call 1800 209-6622 for any assistance.

What happens if a member decides to close his/her Tata Photon League membership? What happens to the points?
On the rare occasion that you would want to close your Tata Photon League Membership Account you would be free to redeem the available League Points balance in your account prior to closing the Tata Photon League Membership Account only for a period of 3 months.


How does a member get access to his/ her online account?
On enrolling for Tata Photon League, you will receive a welcome email on the email address registered with us at the time of purchasing the Tata Photon Plus post-paid connection. Subsequently another email with the user id & password will be sent, that you can use to login to the online account.

Can a member access his/ her Tata Photon League account online?

Yes, Tata Photon League is entirely web-enabled and hence allows you to access your account online at any time.

Does a member earn any Bonus League Points online?
Yes! On using e-services, you shall earn bonus League Points as follows:
  • 25 points for activating the account online & completing the profile form
  • Additional points for special occasions on which the member may engage with Tata Photon League brand.

What if a member doesn’t have his/her login details?

You must write to Tata Photon League membership helpdesk at helpdesk@tataphotonleague.com

How does a member access the League Points Statement online?
You can visit www.tataphotonleague.com and log in to your account with using your username and password to access all details pertaining to the online account.

How does a member update any changes to his details (e.g. – a change of address)?
All you need to do is log on to your Tata Photon League online account and update the details in the My Profile section.
Alternatively, you could also send an email to Tata Photon League Member Helpdesk at helpdesk@tataphotonleague.com or call 1800-209-6622 with specific instructions on the details that need to be changed.

What other transactions can I process online?
With online access to Tata Photon League account you can:
1. Update your personal details.
2. Manage your e-mail preferences.
3. Check your League Points.
4. View your purchase history and Account Details.
5. Get customized offers from Tata Photon Plus and our partners, based on your preferences.
6. Check out exclusive offers and promotions on latest happenings and new services.
7. Provide feedback about your experiences with Tata Photon and Tata Photon League to Tata Photon League Member Help Desk.
8. Participate in online polls, quizzes, communities and forums.
9. Get access to our quarterly newsletter online.
10.Get famous on the monthly ‘Spotlight of the month’ section.
11.Redeem your League Points for fabulous rewards.

What does the member do incase he/she forgets the password?
You should send an email to Tata Photon League Member Helpdesk at helpdesk@tataphotonleague.com or call 1800-22-4567 with specific request for resetting the password. You shall receive an email from Tata Photon League Member Helpdesk with the new details via email on the email address with us.