How To Reset Xfinity Router? [3 Ways]

Are you facing any connectivity issues? Or are there any problems with your network? Or you don’t get the internet speed that is supposed to get even after upgrading your Xfinity router firmware? Or do you want to just set everything from the scratch? For doing all of these things first you need to how to reset the Xfinity router. Before we go anywhere further on this topic I need to ask you a question. Do you know what a router is?

If the answer is yes, then great. But if the answer is no, then don’t worry we’ll discuss it below before we go anywhere further. So let’s go and understand what does a router mean

What is a Router?

Before we can go any further and discuss the crux of the conversation, that is how to reset the Xfinity router, first, let’s understand what does a router means because without getting basic knowledge of the router, you cannot understand why and how to reset Xfinity router.

So, suppose you have five computers and you want to share files or use the internet then for that you need to use a router. A router is a device that is used to connect multiple computers together to a network, now whether it is sharing of files or sharing of the internet or even printing you can now do it with a router. Routers come in two forms, one wired and the other wireless.

Now, when you have understood what a router is, let’s go and understand why do you need to know how to reset the Xfinity router, so here we go.

Why Should You Reset Your Xfinity Router?

Before we can finally understand how to reset the Xfinity router, let’s understand why should you reset your Xfinity router.

  • If you are facing any connectivity issues while surfing on the internet or while sharing data, that might be because of some problem in your router, which is often solved just by resetting your router
  • At times even after upgrading router firmware, you don’t get the internet speed that you are supposed to get thus making it harder or almost impossible to communicate via the internet and this puts your work to a halt. This could also at times be solved just by resetting the router.
  • Or if you want to set everything from scratch to make it work according to you. A factory reset will take the settings back to default making it easier For you to optimize it in the way you want. For this as well you should know how to reset the Xfinity router.

Apart from all these points mentioned above, there are a variety of reasons for which you need to reset the router and for that, you need to know how to reset the Xfinity router. Thus without any more wastage of time, let’s go to the core of the conversation. Let’s go and understand how to reset the Xfinity router.

How To Reset Xfinity Router?

Let us now simply dig into the ways through which you can reset your Xfinity router in a click.

1. Plug Out The Plugin

Well, this is an unorthodox way of doing the task assigned, which is resetting your Xfinity router. But at the same time, it’s one of the easiest ways available in the market, if you want to call it a market. Nevertheless, it’s an easy way in which you have to do one simple thing, so let’s discuss it in the steps below:-

  • In the first step, you just have to pull out the plug from your router.

  • The second step is all about one thing which is doing nothing, wait for a few seconds, let’s say twenty seconds to half a minute.

  • After waiting for a while, for about thirty seconds, plug back in.

  • The final step again waits, but this time for about ten to twenty minutes, because the device will take about twenty minutes to restart.

And you are done with the first way. Wasn’t that easy? Yes, that was really easy, you just had to do three things, first plug out, the second plugin, and the third is waiting.

Shall we go ahead and discuss the second method as well? It’s a bit long but it’s fun as well. So let’s go and understand the second way of how to reset the Xfinity router. Let’s go.

2. Press The Button

To follow this way you first have to check the router. Some routers have the reset button while some (like the one shown in the picture below) has a hole. Just follow the steps and you are good to go:-

  • If there is a button, then press that button for a few seconds and it’s done,
  • And if there is a hole with reset printed below it, then insert a stick and press it for a few.

What can be easier than that? Absolutely nothing. Both the ways work in a similar way as the way mentioned in the first position. But if you don’t want to do any of the ways mentioned above, then there is a third way of how to restore the Xfinity router. Let’s go and discuss the final method.

3. Go To The Website

Okay, this one is the last method of how to reset the Xfinity router. This one is also pretty easy. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the steps of the last method of how to reset the Xfinity router:-

  • All you have to do in the first step is to go to the website of Xfinity by clicking here.
  • After landing on the homepage of the Xfinity official site, click on the WiFi icon in the upper right corner of the homepage.

  • Sign in if you haven’t and once you are signed in you’ll come back to the homepage.

  • Now, scroll down and under the troubleshoot title you’ll see a reset button, click on that.

  • The process will take around ten minutes and the work is done.

So, this was the last method of how to reset the Xfinity router.


In this particular article, you learned what a router is, why and under which circumstances do you need to reset your router, and three easy methods of how to reset the Xfinity router. So if in the future you come across any of the problems mentioned in this article, you know what you need to do, don’t you?

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