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Traveling Internationally

Tata Indicom is the first telecommunication service provider in the country to introduce the unique experience of international roaming with a Tata Indicom One World One Number (OWON) T-SIM card; a single T-SIM card that empowers you to switch between CDMA & GSM networks without having to use different SIM cards.

Whether you need to place international calls from the India, while traveling abroad, Tata Indicom has you covered.

Now roam with your Tata Indicom mobile number in 350 CDMA & GSM Networks across 200 countries.

One Zone

Enjoy for the first time ever an extremely simple and convenient zone-based tariff for any call you may make when you are roaming internationally in GSM countries. Not just that, the tariff plans offered are extremely attractive.

One Tariff

Receive a single consolidated bill for international and domestic usage in Indian Rupees.

One Bill

You can track local and international roaming calls in the same monthly bill.

One Helpline

A single point Customer Contact number - 9225510000 for all your needs wherever you are.

About Tata Indicom International Roaming Service

Tata Indicom Worldwide service continues to expand and improve worldwide services with new devices, pricing, and voice and data coverage.

You can also keep up with your email when you travel as well as access other data services when in US, when you're back home, stay in touch with your global community by calling from your Tata Indicom Blackberry

8830 by Blackberry

BlackBerry® 8830
  • Slim and Fashionable Design
  • Speakerphone
  • Web and Email Capable
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • External Display
  • GPS enabled
  • Expandable memory card Slot
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Broadband-like speeds where available
  • Dual-band 900/1800 Mhz GSM/GPRS networks
  • Dual-band 800/1900 MHz CDMA2000 1X Ev-DO networks

9630 by Blackberry

BlackBerry® 9630
  • Support CDMA/GSM/3G/EVDO networks
  • Quad-Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks
  • Single-Band: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks
  • Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO Rev A networks
  • Seamless International Roaming
  • 3.2 MP camera with Auto Focus and image stabilization.
  • 250 MB internal memory and extendable upto 16 GB.
  • High resolution color display
  • Web and Email Capable
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • GPS enabled


International Roaming Rates - Inclusive of VAT and other taxes charged by the international partners

To see the tariff for a country, please load it from the dropdown below and click the Show Tariff button. You can as many countries to the table below by choosing additional countries and clicking the Show Tariff button.

Service Taxes and VAT charges extra as applicable
Rates indicated above are in Rupees
Euro / Dollar rates prevailing on 23rd of every month to be considered for rating of IR calls while billing
Rates are charged on 60 second pulse.

(i) Prices are indicative only and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuation of USD and EUROS. The above-mentioned tariffs are indicative and subject to change without notice by the visited Operator.

(ii) IDD Charges: International Direct Dialing. IDD are additional charges charged over the Airtime charges for International calls to countries other than India; Click here to know the IDD rates.

(iii) Roaming to Korea

The roaming facility is available on, but not limited to, the following handsets (GSM):

Nokia N70
Sony Ericsson M600i
Nokia N71
Sony Ericsson K608i
Nokia N80
Sony Ericsson K610i
Nokia N95
Sony Ericsson W850
Nokia E61
Sony Ericsson W910
Nokia 6630
Sony Ericsson V800
Nokia 6280
Motorola RAZR2 V9

(iv) For Tariffs on SMS, SMS ROAM <First Four Letters of the Country> to 121, Example: For country Albania, SMS ROAM ALBA send it to 121 (This service is free of Cost.)

For more information on Blackberry handsets compatibility for International Roaming Voice and Data – Click here

Prepage Announcement

Tata Indicom also lets your callers know that you are traveling abroad and hence you can avoid unimportant calls.   We play following announcement to all the callers who are trying to reach you:

"The person you have called is currently roaming internationally and will be charged incoming International rates for this call. Kindly hold on while we connect your call."

How to Activate: Dial *472 from your phone and press the "call" key.

This needs to be done before you leave India while you are on the Tata Indicom network.

How to Deactivate: Dial *473 from your phone and press the "call" key

This announcement can be stopped when you are back in India by dialing *473 from your handset.

List Of Countries

International Roaming Handsets


Samsung Duo

Dual SIM phone
Touch screen
Rs. 5,999
EMI 1999+300*15


Dual Mode, E-Mail & Internet
Rs. 27999 (HNI)
EMI - Multiple option.

Blackberry® Tour™ 9630

3.2 MP camera World phone with seamless international Roaming. Expandable Memory

Check before you Roam

  • Ensure that International Roaming is activated on your phone.
  • Before you leave, check that your roaming function has been activated, by simply calling our 24 hours customer service helpline - 12777
  • Download the latest PRL in the handset every time before you leave.

    PRL is a small program included in the T-SIM card so that your number works across the world in GSM as well as CDMA Networks. The program is pre installed in the OWON which is given to the customer while provisioning for International Roaming (Note: the OWON will also work while you are in India)

  • Deactivate call forwards on your handset.
  • Ensure that your frequently-used numbers are stored in your phone book in the international dialing pattern.
  • Carry Tata Indicom Roaming SIM and a GSM handset for using roaming on GSM partner networks.
  • Ensure that your handset is suitable for roaming on the partner networks in visiting country.
  • Carry phone charger, travel adapter and your welcome kit with you.
  • Activation of World Roaming will enable you to access both voice and data while roaming abroad
  • Do remember to switch off your mobile phone when you board the plane
  • If you face any issues while using International roaming kindly call <Inter National Access Code>919225510000, email :
  • If you are on the CDMA Network with CDMA phone, your phone will automatically latch on to the CDMA Network as soon as powered on.
    If you are on the GSM Network, please insert the OWON SIM card into the GSM phone and it will automatically latch on the Network as soon as powered on. Incase that doesn't happen, you can select the network manually.
  • Ensure that your frequently-used numbers are stored in your phone book in the international dialing pattern.


What is International Roaming Service?

International Roaming service is a facility, which enables mobile users to stay connected using the same number in foreign country. International Roaming can be used in countries, which have CDMA services or GSM services or both. Currently this service is available to postpaid customers with TSIM or Non-TSIM handsets.

What are the types of International Roaming?

There is International Roaming available for CDMA to CDMA, CDMA to GSM (Inter-Standard).

How is your International Roaming service better than other operators?

You have many benefits in subscribing to our International Roaming service:

  • Single T-SIM: If you are a TSIM user then the same card which is used in Home network can be used in a GSM handset while on roaming.
  • You can receive & send SMS from his Tata Indicom mobile.
  • You can assess your voice mail while on roaming.
  • You get the benefits of same phone book and state of art security while in home network or while roaming.
  • Your Tata number will be displayed to the called party, even while on roaming.

How do I get International Roaming activated?

Subscribing to International Roaming you need to visit any Public offices or True Value HUB's and fill-up the international roaming Subscription Form and pay the applicable deposit, along with the TSIM card charge Rs.249.
Currently this service is available to postpaid customers only.

Do I need to change my handset while on International roaming?

Roaming on CDMA networks you can use your Tata Indicom Mobile however you need to ensure that you have the latest PRL version 7 on your Non RUIM phone. Incase you are using GSM network; you need to have a GSM handset or dual mode World phone, in which you need to insert the one World one number SIM.

Are there any important points to be followed before going on International Roaming?

For enjoying a hassle free International Roaming, please note few points:
Download the latest version of Preferred Roaming List (PRL) software in your Tata Indicom phone Non RUIM before going on Roaming.
Ensure to carry a GSM phone to roam on GSM networks.

How can I reach Tata indicom in case of any problem while roaming outside INDIA?

Customers traveling abroad can access the Tata Indicom call centre by dialing 9225510000 in case of any problems faced in the international locations or for any queries pertaining to IR.
He / she could access this number by dialing the international access code +919225510000. Standard call charges will be applicable.

What is Prepage Announcement

Tata Indicom also lets your callers know that you are traveling abroad and hence you can avoid unimportant calls.   We play following announcement to all the callers who are trying to reach you, for more information click on Prepage announcement tab.

How do I need to select the network, will it be Automatic or manual selection?

If you are on the CDMA Network using, when you land your phone will automatically latch on to the operator as soon as the phone is powered on. If you are on the GSM Network, please insert the OWON SIM card into the GSM phone and the network will be picked automatically. Incase that doesn't happen; you can select the network manually.

How to make calls from your number

Remember that Indian phone numbers need to be modified to international format and will even work when in India.

To call back Indian Landline Number

Make Calls

Eg to call (033) 5421 1234 from any country dial +91 33 5421 1234.

To call back home to an Indian mobile:

Make Calls

Eg to call 092121 01234 from any country dial +91 92121 01234.

To call a local fixed line within an overseas country:

Make Calls

Dialing the local number in international format will also work.

To call a local mobile number within an overseas country:

Make Calls

Dialing the local number in international format will also work.

To call any international fixed line phone:

Make Calls

Remember to remove the leading 0 from the Area Code

To call any international Mobile phone:

Make Calls

To call any other International Roamer roaming in same country as you are in:

Make Calls

Can't remember the IDD access code for the country you are in? Just enter a + at the start of the international number you're dialing and the network you're using will apply the local IDD access code for you. The + is available on most handsets by holding down the 0 key.

How to receive calls on your number

Callers from Australia simply dial your mobile number as if you are in Australia.

Receive Calls

Callers from overseas make an international call to you, even if they're in the same country as you, by dialing:

Receive Calls

How to send Text Message

People calling you do not dial the leading 0 of your mobile number.
Text messaging (SMS) is available in most countries where we offer International Roaming.

Text Message

Remember to delete the 0 at the beginning of the mobile number.
If you are replying to a text message using the menu option on your phone, you won't have to enter the reply number, as the network automatically applies the international codes needed when it transmits the original message to your phone.

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