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Value Added Packs

* - To activate this value + PACK type on SMS screen & send to 121
eg. To activate SMS Lite: type Act SMSL & send to 121

** Customers with free SMS in their tariff plan and SMS Add on pack users will be charged for SMS sent on SMS Black out days as per the SMS rates on their tariff plan.

SMS Blackout days:

  1. New Year (1st Jan)
  2. Independence (Day 15th Aug)
  3. Diwali (5th Nov)
  4. Christmas (25th Dec)
  5. New Year's Eve (31st Dec)

Postpaid Mobile Phone FAQs

Buying a Tata Indicom Mobile

Where do I get to buy a Tata Indicom mobile?

You can buy a Tata Indicom mobile connection at any of our Tata Indicom Centres/Station/other Tata Indicom outlets. Alternatively, you can visit our online store - and purchase a handset & connection instantly.

What is the activation fee for your phones?

The activation fee for regular as well as T SIM Connections is Rs. 99.

Do I need to activate STD for making STD calls? If yes, how much deposit needs to be kept with the company? Is the deposit refundable?

You do not need to activate STD facility on your Tata Indicom mobile to make STD calls. You will however need to activate the ISD facility. The refundable deposit for ISD services is Rs. 1500.

Do you accept cash as down payment?

You can make a down payment by cash at any of our Tata Indicom Centres/Stations. In addition, we have a lot of retail points (Tata Indicom Corners) in the city where you could buy our service.

Do you accept payment through credits cards?

Yes, we do accept down payments through Credit Cards. We would also very soon be in a position to accept bill payment.

How soon can you activate the mobile?

1. In case you make cash payment or credit card payment at any of our Tata Indicom stations then you can get your active phone within 2 hours.
2. In case you make the payment by cheque, the activated mobile will reach you on clearance of the cheque i.e. approx 4 working days.

Who will bring the handset to me in case I pay by cheque?

In case of cheque payment, the handset will be delivered by courier after the cheque is cleared.

What documents do I need to submit/fill in order to subscribe to you services?

You just need to fill up a form (CAF) and submit a copy of your proof of address and identity along with the down payment and deposit. Proof of identity: Driving licence, Passport, Voter I-Card or any other photo identity.
Proof of address: Ration card, Passport, Fixed line Telephone bill, Electricity bill etc.

If I want to change my handset later or want a different handset, then what is the process?

As of now we do not have a buyback or an exchange scheme. We will inform you about the same, as and when we launch one.

Do you have any promotional scheme for your existing clients?

Tata Indicom has some exciting promotional offers. We have a special offer for corporate customers who wish to buy in bulk. We also have exciting promotional offers for consumers. Schemes and promotions may vary from time to time.

Can I use my GSM instrument for your CDMA service?

GSM and CDMA are completely different technologies and a handsets operating on one cannot be used on the other.

Are you cheaper than your competitors

We not only offer free calls with every plan, our slab wise tariff plans are designed to give you the maximum value for your money.

Tariff Related Faqs

What are the various tariff plans that you have?

We have a range of Tariff Plans to suit your every need. You can visit the Tariffs section in this site to know more.

What do you mean by plan fee that is mentioned in the tariff plan?

The plan fee is nothing but a component of the Monthly Commitment depending on the tariff plan you selected

What is the pulse that will get deducted as per call time if I call on to a GSM, CDMA or a fixed line?

If you make a local call to a CDMA/ WLL(m) phone, a landline or a GSM phone, the pulse rate applicable is 60 seconds.

Roaming Related Faqs

Is roaming available on your network?

Roaming is now available on Tata Indicom mobile. Click here for more details!

SMS Related Faqs

Can I send and receive SMS from my Tata indicom Mobile? What are the rates?

You can now send SMS nationally as well as Internationally. The rates applicable are :
Intra circle SMS - Re.1
National SMS - Rs.2
International SMS - Rs.5

What are the other facilities on your SMS?

Our SMS facility allows you to send and receive national and international SMS, avail of content services from Tata Indicom 8282 services, by dialing 8282 from your Tata Indicom Mobile and Smart Wireless Services.

Can we access other SMS providers like 8888 (Indiatimes)?

Now you can access Indiatimes SMS Service, 8888 and 8887 through your Tata Indicom Mobile  and download ring tones, logos,  weather updates, travel information etc. Services available are ringtones, logos, picture messages, weather updates, cricket scores etc. You can also access these content services from Indiatimes 8887 and 8888 services.

Handset Related Faqs

What are the handset models provided by company?

Our approved dealers offer handsets from Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera. Click here to view our current offerings. If you wish to see an actual demo of the handset, you may visit any of our Tata Indicom Stations where they would be glad to demonstrate our services and the handsets.

What do I do if I want to change my handset, which is in working condition?

You need to buy a new handset & we will reprogram the new handset with the same number.

What do I do then with my old handset?

You may take a new subscription with a new number & transfer the handset in the name of any one else who might be interested.

How much time will it take to charge my handset?

Charging time, both for a brand new handset and for a handset being charged after regular usage, varies for different models. We recommend that you please refer to the handset manual for more details.

What is the battery backup time?

This varies from handset to handset. Talk time can range anywhere from 3 hours to 7 hours. And the Standby time could be from 1 days to 4 days depending upon usage.

Can we access Internet from the Mobile. If yes what is the speed of internet access?

Yes! Our data services have been enabled! You will require a high speed data cable to connect your mobile to your PC. We provide our users with a speed of upto 153 kb/s! Click here to know more.

Will I be able to send SMS to other service providers?

Yes, you can send SMS to a number of providers which include Reliance and Airtel. You can also send international SMS messages from your Tata Indicom Mobile phone.

Can I forward my calls from GSM to Tata Indicom mobile & vice versa?

Yes, it is possible to forward all calls from any phone to Tata Indicom mobile and otherwise.

Can the STD calls be debarred from the handset?

Yes, we do offer user controlled STD barring so that you can yourself bar the STD facility on the phone.

Will weather conditions affect the signal strength?

Wireless transmission is susceptible to interference incase of lightning etc, however we have put up filters to ensure that the effect is reduced to a minimum.

Billing and Payment Related Faqs

Do the bills show the local call details?

No. Only STD details are displayed on the bill, however the bill will show the bifurcation of all calls made by you to various types of networks i.e. Local calls to GSM, Fixed line and mobile phones will be mentioned separately.

Can I change my rate plan?

Yes. But it will applicable from the date of the bill cycle only.

Are you going to charge advance rentals?

You will be charged advance rentals only if you subscribe for an advance rental tariff plan.

Do you provide monthly billing or bi-monthly?

Billing is monthly

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