Road Warrior Offers Wireless Packet Data Service

Tata Indicom introduces Road Warrior Data, a fully scalable and easily manageable wireless packet data service for your corporation. Get connected using any CDMA wireless devices provided by Tata Indicom like fixed wireless phones, PCMCI cards or even CDMA modems and enjoy the benefit of authorised access to your corporations' private network i.e. mails, Intranet services and other applications in a secure way.

Unmatched Convenience

Tata Indicom offers a managed wireless packet data service, which ensures that your corporation scales connectivity on a shared infrastructure with the same functionalities as can be enjoyed on a private network. Tata Indicom's CDMA 1x packet data network provides highly secure data access speed of up to 153 Kbps (average 35/40 Kbps). With a meshed backbone across the country, the wireless CDMA 1x provides redundant connectivity across different cities in the roaming coverage area of Tata Indicom. Also your access to enterprise's private data network can be customised in a secured environment.

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  • Private or public IP assigned from the predefined pool.
  • Make your choice of connectivity for server side :
  • Dedicated leased line
  • ISDN dialup line
  • Mobile solution with quick setup.
  • Highly redundant - no single point of failure in Tata Indicom's data network.
  • Highly secured:
  • Authentication and integrity check at various points
  • Optional network monitoring software
  • Monitoring performance.
  • Advanced custom packet data solution can be developed, depending on the needs of your corporation.

Key Benefits

  • A highly scalable solution - can be deployed to a thousand users.
  • Data access speed up to 153Kbps.
  • Stay connected anytime and anywhere in the coverage area while on the move.
  • Dial a local call for instant connection, no additional software required.
  • No additional infrastructure required at server side.
  • Facilitates setting up remote offices quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy to administer and manage.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Save on capital costs in comparison to other wire-line data services.

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