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Toll Free Service

Tata Indicom now also offers Toll Free Service , adding to its large range of services under Business Solutions. Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Services is a comprehensive service that gives you basic routing capabilities, advanced routing and termination features. Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Service also offers you simplified pricing and flexible invoicing.

Toll Free Service can help you boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your customers with a cost-free method to contact you.

Toll Free Service subscriber is allotted a Toll Free Service number 1800-YYY-XXXX , where 1800 is the service level followed by a 3 digit number YYY which is the Operator code allotted to Tata Indicom and XXXX is the unique subscriber number.

What can Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Service be used for?
  • Customer Care
  • Mass marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Lead generation and new business acquisition
  • Complaint handling

For sales and support enquiries:

Email : enterprisesales@tatatel.co.in

For Enquiry Form click here

Key Benefits of having Toll Free Service

  • It removes all barriers to customers contacting you as it’s a free call
  • Increases profile of new and small businesses and helps develop customer loyalty
  • No need to change your number as this number sits on top of your existing one
  • Keep this number for the life of your business as it can be moved between fixed line and mobile phone
Some of the other important benefits you receive when you choose Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Service:
  • Full geographic coverage. Receive calls from across India and from any service provider.
  • Efficient use of phone lines. Mix inbound and outbound calls on the same dedicated access line.
  • Reliability. You can count on Tata Indicom’s state-of-the-art digital network and our service guarantees to provide exceptional service and quick, easy rerouting in emergencies
  • Seamless network. Seamless local-to-national-to-local network communications eliminates geographic barriers to conducting business.
  • Simplified pricing. Innovative & simple pricing structure allows you to maintain your focus on solutions, without worrying about the expenses.
  • Cost savings. Our pricing strategy for our integrated services can reduce your overall communications costs.
  • One-stop shopping. Let Tata Indicom BusinessSolutions provide you a complete telecommunications solution which would include designing, installation, maintenance, and networking management.


Toll Free comes with a variety of base features to meet any organization's needs for management and functionality.

Advanced Features

Our advanced toll free features offers a bundled solution that can help your organization track toll-free calls, route calls based on your organization's needs, and safeguard your toll-free traffic against long-term service interruptions.

  • Time of Day/Time Interval Routing
  • Day of Week Routing
  • Geographic/Point of Call Routing
  • Percentage Allocation Routing
  • Day of Year/Holiday Routing
  • Call Area Selection/Tailored Call Coverage

Time of Day/Time Interval Routing Time of Day/Time Interval Routing allows organizations to route calls made to a single toll-free number to different answering locations, depending on the time of day. For example, if your customer service department is closed, you can route callers to an office that is open.

Day of the Week Routing With Day of the Week routing, your organization can send calls to different locations, based on the day of the week. If you have someone on call during the weekend, for instance, your callers can still get through if they are routed to the on-call party's number.

Geographic/Point-Of-Call Routing Geographic/Point-of-Call Routing allows organizations to route calls made to a single toll-free number to different terminating locations. For example, you may have callers nationwide call a central customer service number and then route them to regional customer service representatives. This routing is based on each call's point of origin, as defined by state, area code, or area code and exchange.

Percentage Allocation Routing Percentage Allocation Routing allows your organization to route calls based on staffing levels. If one location is short-staffed, you can split calls to a single toll-free number, so these calls go to two or more answering locations. The call split is based on a percentage distribution that you designate.

Day of Year/Holiday Routing Government organizations can designate different routing plans for different locations, based on pre-defined holidays or events.
Condition based routing Calls at the destination can be re-routed to a different destination number in following conditions (1) Busy (2) No Answer (2) Route Failure.

Call Area Selection/Tailored Call Coverage Call Area Selection/Tailored Call Coverage allows your organization to selectively block incoming calls from specific originating areas. In this way, you can shape your area of toll-free coverage to match your potential callers.

  • White List – Only Calling Numbers originating from a specific circle/state will be allowed to go through to your Toll Free Service facility . Specific numbers or even STD/Mobile codes can be defined in white list. E.g. You can define - only calls from Delhi should go through to the Delhi call center ( Toll Free Service ) .
  • Black List – Specific Calling Numbers originating from a specific circle/state will be blocked if they are defined in the Black List. e.g. You can define - all calls from Delhi should be blocked.
  • Grey List – It is a subset of white and black list & offers you a combination of White & Black listed Number facility.


The Tata Indicom Toll Free Number has a single nation-wide tariff structure, irrespective of time and distance.

One Time Charges
Registration Charges (Excluding Service Tax) Rs.5000
Refundable Security Deposit Rs. 25,000
Vanity Number Charges (optional) Diamond Rs. 10,000
Platinum Rs. 7,500
Golden Rs. 5,000
Monthly Recurring Charges
Monthly Rental Rs.3000
Vanity Number Charges (Optional) Diamond Rs. 1,000
Platinum Rs. 750
Golden Rs. 500
Free usage in 1st Bill Rs.50

Rate / Minute – Rs.2.39

The following Terms & Conditions will be applicable –
  1. Service and sales taxes will be additional as applicable
  2. The above tariff is applicable for the called party. The charges, for the calling party is nil.
  3. The terminating number on which Toll Free Service will be subscribed (translation number) can be of Tata Indicom ISDN PRI, Wireline, Walky, Indicom 10 or Mobile.
  • The call duration is measured with accuracy up to +/- 1 second as per TRAI Regulations.
  • Call charges are calculated based on the call units which are calculated by dividing call duration by the pulse rate defined in the Tariff Plan.
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