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The Managed PBX Service

In the ever changing world of business, a systematic structuring of operations has become essential. Although multiple options are available for connectivity, enterprises prefer flexible and cost effective networks that can expand their reach.

Tata Indicom introduces India’s first managed PBX in association with LG Nortel amongst private fixed line operators. The two world class products LG Nortel PBX system & Tata Indicom digital PRI’s offered through this comprehensive alliance is designed to address the key concerns that enterprises face when sourcing for an appropriate telephony solution – providing business a cost effective , all in one option that can be easily implemented & readily managed to ensure the performance of your organizations critical communications.

It’s a scalable solution & offers an attractive utility based option as well as other options to meet the varying current & future needs of the enterprise.

Voice and IP convergence for future proof communication platform

LG Nortel's Aria advanced digital communications architecture merged with the latest in VoIP technology and advanced business applications offers an unparalleled solution to your ever evolving business needs.


  1. Reliable and secured connectivity - Remote user (teleworker solutions), system Networking, Qualtiy of Service and Secure VPN
  2. Fully Managed End-to-End Support – Enjoy a fully managed end-to-end network support: 24x7 one-number helpdesk & 8 x 5 onsite support
  3. Flexible Solution - PBX supports both digital and IP phones and can be configured as a digital, IP- Enabled communications system
  4. Range of advanced features - Tata Indicom managed PBX comes enriched features such as unified messaging, call centre reporting that help your systems to evolve with the changing business needs.


By providing PBX ports on per port rental basis (Opex model) there is no Capex to be incurred by the customer for PBX. Our Managed PBX solutions are designed to minimize the initial capital investment, reduce monthly operating costs and are enriched with mobile like features which inturn will help customer to control their telecom expense.

By partnering with Nortel we are able to offer top notch equipment at reduced rates. Combined with our own technical capabilities and Quality of Service, we are able to plan, implement, and support cost effective custom phone solutions for our client’s premises.

A Managed solution differs from a Hosted solution in that the PBX itself is purchased by you, and resides at your premises.

Benefits from deploying a Managed PBX solution in business include:

  1. No upfront capital expenditure & No annual maintenance contracts
  2. Simple and economical per port rental model with no hidden charges
  3. Convenience of single service provider to manage your end to end communication needs
  4. Experience greater manageabilty and smoother fault resolution with single bill and single helpdesk number. 
  5. Simultaneous ring on fixed & mobile lines with lower outgoing call charges to local mobiles.

Features Description Benefits

Monthly Subscription model

With the monthly rental model, there is no need to incur heavy upfront investments

Free up cash flow and achieve predictable operating expenses.

One Stop Experience

Tata Indicom supports all your communication needs with a comprehensive bundle of hardware and connectivity, from IP PBX phone system to ISDN, IDD, Internet and Intranet connectivity

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of having a single provider to manage your end-to-end communication needs.

Experience greater manageability and smoother fault resolution with a single bill and single helpdesk number.

Fully Managed End-to-End Support

Tata Indicom will oversee every aspects of your PBX system from installation, configuration, and hardware maintenance to system upgrades.

Outsource the complexities of managing your networks and save on high costs of recruiting, training and retaining in-house IT expertise.

Enjoy a fully managed end-to-end network with complete support:

Enjoy peace of mind and focus more on your core business

24x7 one-number helpdesk & 8 x 5 onsite support


Flexible Solution

PBX supports both Digital and IP Phones and can be configured as a digital, IP-enabled or pure IP communications system

Achieve smooth migration to IP with protection for existing investment

Tata Indicom Managed PBX comes with a range of advanced feature sets that can be activated as your business needs evolves such as unified messaging, call centre reporting Enjoy a future proof solution that is capable of supporting your ever changing business needs.
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