SMS Gateway

With Tata Indicom's SMS gateway offering, you can now design, build, host and operate your own SMS applications!

SMS Gateway services

Now mobile phones can be used to exchange the business critical information quickly and secured way. You can now access applications like Trouble Ticketing System, Payroll, and Attendance Management System etc. from a mobile phone, at the convenience of accessing through a PC or Laptop. To ensure security of the information a unique ID and password will be provided to you for exchanging information. The services can be accessed throughout the Tata Indicom's network coverage. SMS Gateway services are very useful and effective for the large and medium enterprise customers having a field force like sales force or after sales service force that need to access or update information to organisation from the field. The SMS gateway services are available in two flavors, one is PUSH messaging and the other is PULL PUSH messaging.

Push Messaging Service

This allows an enterprise to push/ broadcast desired information as SMS messages to its employees and affiliates.

Push Pull Messaging Service

Authorised employees or affiliates of enterprise customer will be able to query and pull desired information from in a 2-way communication mode.

Push Pull Messaging Service

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SMS Gateway


  • Scattered field-force can access and update centralised information database.
  • Online access and updation of information.
  • Anytime and anywhere access to useful information from mobile phones.
  • No investments in high-end handsets and operational training etc.
  • Inherent CDMA security plus application security through firewall.
  • Application can check unauthorised access to sensitive private information.
  • Operational and deployable across the industry verticals.

SMS Gateway

Value Proposition

  • You are free to design, develop and deploy your own applications and its not service provider dependent.
  • You can decide your own keywords for SMS applications.
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use, ready productive setup.
  • 100% customer transparency with no lock-in period.

SMS Gateway


  • Application data can be communicated through SMS when the application server is connected to Tata Indicom SMS gateway through Internet cloud, or dedicated leased line.
  • Company information pushed to mobile phones of authorized recipients only. E.g. product price revision, meetings & training dates etc.
  • You can pull information to his phone as per need. E.g. employee e-mails, company news etc.
  • Messages can be pushed to other applications. E.g. reports, MIS figures, update inventory report from remote location, while on move etc.
  • Interoperable with other mobile service providers also.
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