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Vehicle Tracking System

Introducing a system where your vehicle can go anywhere except out of sight.The Vehicle Tracking Solution lets you see exactly where your cargo is whenever you need to. Developed in partnership with TATA AUTOCOMP Mobility Telematics Limited (TMT) - Vehicle Tracking Solution is an efficient system for tracking and monitoring of commercial and passenger vehicles.

How does it work?

The tracking device, which consists of a GPS unit and a CDMA module, constantly sends out information about the vehicle's position, speed, distance travelled and duration of each halt. This information can then be accessed from a central location through a website or a mobile phone.

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  • Optimises fuel costs with better route planning, cuts down on overtime and increases operational efficiency.
  • Lets you schedule service calls or deliveries based on the vehicle closest to the destination.
  • Allows you to handle larger job loads with ease.
  • Improves flexibility and lets you make on-the-spot decisions on fleet management.
  • User-friendly software, training and support.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive GIS and web-servers.


  • GPS, CDMA a single T-SIM enabled unit.
  • Integrated two-way voice and SMS communication.
  • Effective decision making as a result of customizable reports providing transparency in operations.
  • Remotely programmable address book and polling frequency settings.
  • Configurable visual hot keys for traffic jams and accidents.
  • Vehicle information can be accessed online (www.tmt.in) or by using a mobile phone.
  • Different types of reports available at the GIS server (speed, distance travelled, route, landmarks crossed,
  • Hands-free kit for voice calls.
  • After-sales service currently available at over 200 dealers across the country.
  • 24-hour customer care.
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