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Broadband from Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd.

This Service is available for Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa

Experience Broadband like never before, with speeds of upto 100 Mbps. Enjoy Hi-Speed broadband at unbeatable price only from Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd. whats more stream online, download movies, pictures, games with our Hi speed broadband plans. To know more about our tariffs in your city, please select your location from the drop-down. Broadband is defined as an always on connection with minimum download speed of 256 kbps as per TRAI.

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Nova Net PC

About Novatium

Novatium Solutions Pvt Ltd is a technology service company with the vision of providing computing to the next billion users. The company has been working toward this goal by creating a solution that makes computing simple, and hence accessible and affordable, for the next billion users.

Powered by the globally patented breakthrough technology DUDM? (Desktop Utility Delivery Model), Novatium aims at providing computing as a service to the next billion.


History of Novatium

Novatium is the brainchild of three visionaries from the dotcom and communications world - Rajesh Jain, Ashok Jhunjhunwala, and Ray Stata - who came together to take computing to the next billion. Their mission was to simplify computing for the billion, thus making it affordable.

Novatium has travelled far from the incubation stage and is now an established technology solutions company providing computing as a simplified solution to homes across India and SMEs across the globe.


NetPC - Product Details

1. What is Nova NetPC?

Nova NetPC is the newly launched home computing service designed and developed by Novatium. It has the following features:

  • The NetPC is a simple and effective computing device that does not carry the burden of the CPU, software, hard disc, and RAM - all these reside in the central server at the administrator's end.
  • All applications, software, and data are maintained at the central server.
  • The NetPC is based on mobile and media player chips - this reduces the cost and the power consumption by the device.
  • It is multimedia enabled, with the capacity to provide real-time multimedia experience.
  • It is compatible with Windows/Linux/Solaris Operating Systems.
  • It can support multiple USB peripherals (USB pen drive, USB hard disk, USB printer, Digital cameras, etc.), speakers and microphone.

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2. Why should I buy a NetPC rather than a PC?

A NetPC can provide features similar to that of a PC and yet make computing simple at a much lower cost. NetPC can be used to access all hardware, software and Internet access - a one-time purchase to enjoy a wholesome computing experience.

  • All applications and data reside in a common server maintained by the administrator, thus the complexity of software upgrades and maintenance is moved away from the user - unlike a PC, where maintenance is the main concern post-purchase.
  • This server-based computing reduces all problems of hardware asset management.
  • NetPC can be used like any other home appliance - just switch on and log-in.
  • NetPC comes Internet ready - there is no need to look for Internet Service Providers for Internet access.
  • Management of all applications, antivirus care, and security of your data is not your concern; it is our responsibility.
  • With regular data backup being done at the administrator's end, your data is secure in the NetPC.
  • NetPC consumes just 5 watts of power and also does not require air conditioned environment - so there is no direct or hidden increase in power consumption charges


3. If I buy a NetPC how can I deal with the usual concerns that a regular PC brings?

  • What is the type of processor and its speed; how much RAM is available; what is the hard disk capacity?
  • Should I install Linux or other OS, antivirus software and other software?
  • When do I have to look for memory upgrades?
  • Do I need to purchase a UPS along with the NetPC?
  • Do I need to install any backup software?
  • Do I need to purchase additional security devices?

The two drawbacks of buying a regular PC are maintenance issues and additional software requirements. With a NetPC, the above mentioned issues (questions a to f) are solved by the administrator at the server end because complexities like maintenance of software and upgrades related to PC are kept away from the user. You need not install any operating system, worry about memory upgrades or backup software, or purchase a UPS or any additional software. These are handled by the administrator.



4. What is DUDM?

DUDM - Desktop Utility Delivery Model - is the globally patented breakthrough technology developed by Novatium. With DUDM, your desktop is delivered to your homes through the NetPC and computing can be availed as a service - pay only for what you use. All data security and applications maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the server administrator.

5. What is server-centric computing?

Server-centric computing is the main principle of DUDM technology, wherein all computing complexities, including the user's desktop, is based in a remote server. This makes the network computer - the NetPC - in the users premises just a device that takes up requests from the user and provides output through the screen.



6. What is the speed of the Internet?

As per the plan - Customer would get broadband connection from TTML. Please refer to the Broadband as defined by TRAI - Govt of India.

7. Are there separate charges for Download?

No there are no additional Download Charges as TTML is initially offering unlimited plans with Nova NetPC.

8. How much will be the power consumption?

Just 5W for the Nova NetPC - A normal computer would consume 240W of power. Thus NetPC saves your electricity bill.

9. Can I use the NetPC for the following purposes

  • Voice chat
  • SKYPE and other chat software
  • Play songs through USB stick/thumb drive
  • Offline games
  • Have a downloaded song collection

Yes, all these features are possible with and supported by the NetPC.


10. Does Nova NetPC support the following features?

  • VoIP
  • Printers
  • Other peripherals like printer/scanner/USB stick
  • VoIP - Yes, Yahoo, Googletalk, Skype can be used
  • CD drive - although a CD drive cannot be used, a USB CD drive can be used
  • Printers - Yes (only printing function is allowed)

11. You are providing 300 MB as part of the service package. Do I have to pay extra if I need more server storage space?

Yes, a nominal amount will be charged for server storage space beyond 300 MB. Please Call us on 9220008282.

12. Can I load my own software?

Novatium has tied up with most of the software providers to provide you with genuine software at the best possible rate. Please mail us at info@novatium.com and our representatives will contact you at the earliest.


13. How secure is my data, which is stored at a centralized server in my locality?

Your data is absolutely secure at the centralized server. We follow stringent security policies to ensure data security. All data is stored in an encrypted format. As long as you keep your password a secret, your information is also safe. Your password is your key to all your data in the centralized server. In addition to the user id and password, data access is also controlled by the MAC ID of the NetPC.

14. Will I face virus problems, spywares and hacking problems due to the centralised server?

No, you will no face any virus, spyware, or hacking problems due to centralized server because the centralized servers are protected in a DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) with top-class antivirus software.

15. Will there be a data backup?

Yes, data backup is done at regular intervals.



16. How will I receive the bills?

The monthly payment will be collected as part of the TTML bill at the end of each month(Broadband charges).

Separate payment needs to be made for Computing to Novatium(Pre-paid).


17. Whom should I call when there is a problem or when the server is down?

You can call the support no - 67908000 and lodge a complaint. Our service department would attend to the complaint within 24 hours.


NOVA NetPC hardware pricing

Option - 1
Nova NetPC with Power adaptor, Keyboard and Mouse with one year warranty on Nova NetPC only. Rs.2,499/- (all Taxes / Octroi extra)
Services on Open office suite from Novell and Firefox web browser over remote desktop. Rs.350/- (all Taxes / Octroi extra)
Option - 2
Nova NetPC with Power adaptor, Keyboard and Mouse with one year warranty on Nova NetPC only. Rs.3,499/- (all Taxes / Octroi extra)
Nova Services on Open office suite from Novell and Firefox web browser over remote desktop. Rs.250/- (all Taxes / Octroi extra)
Microsoft Office applications licence fee Rs.100/- (all Taxes / Octroi extra)


ADSL tariff plans available with NOVA NetPC

Speed in
Compression Ratio
Free Usage in MB / Time
dem Rent in Rs.
Insta llation Charge with Tax in Rs.
Static IP charges / year
Mega Offer Unlimited
- 64
64 1:8 Unlimited 0 350 350 561 N/A DS88-MO350: Mega Offer Unlimited 64 kbps
Advantage 399 128 1:8 Unlimited 0 399 399 561 N/A DS-206 Advantage 399
Mega Offer Unlimited - 256 256 1:8 Unlimited 0 700 700 561 1000 DS90-MO700: Mega Offer Unlimited 256 kbps
Residential Unlimited - 512 512 1:8 Unlimited 0 1850 1850 561 1000 DS78-Unlimited 512
Residential Unlimited - 1024 1024 1:8 Unlimited 0 3900 3900 561 1000 DS79-Unlimited 1024
Infinity - 64 64 1:4 Unlimited 100 800 900 561 N/A DS 61- I64 (G245)
Infinity - 128 128 1:4 Unlimited 100 2000 2100 561 N/A DS 62- I128 (G246)
Value 64 64 1:4 Unlimited 100 2370 2470 561 Free DS100-Value 64
Value 128 128 1:4 Unlimited 100 3900 4000 561 Free DS101-Value 128
Value 256 256 1:4 Unlimited 100 7750 7850 561 Free DS102-Value 256
Value 512 512 1:4 Unlimited 100 15180 15280 561 Free DS103-Value 512
Value 1024 1024 1:4 Unlimited 100 22120 22220 561 Free DS104-Value 1024
Value 2048 2048 1:4 Unlimited 100 36600 36700 561 Free DS105-Value 2048
Gold 64 64 1:1 Unlimited 100 7910 8010 561 Free DS106-Gold 64
Gold 128 128 1:1 Unlimited 100 15750 15850 561 Free DS107-Gold 128
Gold 256 256 1:1 Unlimited 100 31430 31530 561 Free DS108-Gold 256
Gold 512 512 1:1 Unlimited 100 44850 44950 561 Free DS109-Gold 512
Gold 1024 1024 1:1 Unlimited 100 71720 71820 561 Free DS110-Gold 1024
Gold 2048 2048 1:1 Unlimited 100 129060 129160 561 Free DS111-Gold 2048


ADSL Internet - Features


The benefits of TTML ADSL lines are:

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Always-On Internet Access
  • No dial up procedures
  • No login delays
  • No busy signals
  • No local telephone charges
  • Unlimited Internet access for fixed amount with the large bandwidth and always on connection you can run anything from mail servers to FTP sites.

ADSL High Speed Internet Access - Customer Care

Customer Care

ADSL High Speed Internet Systems Requirement

Preferred System Requirements

  • Pentium grade PC / Laptop
  • 64 MB RAM
  • LAN Card
  • 15 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows 98 / 2000 Windows NT/XP
  • Color monitor with 16-bit color display
  • 24X CD-ROM drive

Dot/TRAI Wi-Fi regulations