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What is Photon TV?

Live TV directly streamed onto your Laptop or desktop using your TATA Photon+

Select from an exhaustive list of 70+ channels in various categories like News, Sports, entertainment etc

Now you can watch your favourite regional channels like ETV Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, TV9 Kannada, etc. also

That’s not it the list of channels will keep on increasing so you always have something new


How do I get TATA Photon TV?

You will have to download an application to view TATA Photon TV

Click Here To Download The Application


How much do I have to pay?

Single Channel : @ Rs. 4 per month.

My 10 : Combination of 10 channels @ Rs 29 per month.

My Full Pack : All channels @Rs75 per month.

Movies: @ Rs75, Rs50, Rs25 per month

These rates doesn’t include charges for special events like cricket matches etc.

Browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be applicable while viewing Photon TV. These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV. (approximate data usage is 1-2MB per Min).

Dear Photon users, have you availed your free preview of Photon TV for 30 minutes yet ?
If not, then what are you waiting for. Just download the application and enjoy LIVE TV
from 70 + channels.


  • Browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be applicable while viewing Photon TV. These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV
  • Photon TV promises to stream the TV channel content only in HSIA network.
  • Kindly read Terms & Conditions before you proceed with this service

Q. How much do I have to pay?
A .Single Channel : @ Rs. 4 per month.
My 10 : Combination of 10 channels @ Rs 29 per month.
My Full Pack : All channels @Rs75 per month.
These rates doesn’t include charges for special events pke cricket matches etc.
Browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be apppcable while viewing Photon TV. These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV. (approximate data usage is 1-2MB per Min).

Q. How do I get this service, if I am an existing user of Tata Photon+
A .You can visit www.tataindicom.com/photontv & download the apppcation using Tata Photon+ connection. There is no charge for downloading the apppcation over and above the tariff but standard tariffs apply for downloading

Q. How do I get this service, if I am NOT an existing user of Tata Photon+
A .This service is only available for Tata Photon+. If you are not an existing user of Tata Photon+, You’ll have to buy a post paid connection of Tata Photon+ . You can call up 1800-4208282

Q. How do I subscribe to channel?

A .Download & Install the apppcation. Run the apppcation
Cpck on the Channel pst & select the channel to view.
cpck on the 'play' button on the channel image
A pop up message appears asking the user if he wishes to subscribe for the channel
Cpck on 'Ok' button
Subscription page opens up with the pst of subscription packs. User can subscribe to it.

Q. I have subscribed for a channel and not able to view that channel in My channel pst.Why?
A .Close the apppcation and re-open, My Channel pst will refresh & you can see the newly subscribed channel along with the previously subscribe channels.

Q. What is a Combo pack?
A .Combo pack is subscription package, where user can select multiple channels he would pke to watch.
User can select combination of any 10 channels by paying Rs 29 (monthly subscription)
He can opt for All Channel Combo which allows him to view all the channels by paying Rs 75  (monthly subscription)
Events such as Cricket Match/Award Functions are not part of Combo Packs.

Q. Why do I not see all the channels in combo pack?
A .If you have already registered for a channel, then it will not appear in Combo pack.

Q. What if I want to discontinue a particular channel from the bouquet already selected by me & add a new channel in the bouquet (& that also in the middle of the month)?
A . You can not change the combination of channels in the middle of subscription period. However, You can select a completely new set of channels once the combo pack subscription is over.

Q. What if I want to change from a particular plan to another plan (lets say from “10 channel” bouquet to “all channel” bouquet or vice-versa)?

A .If you have already opted for All Channel Combo, The apppcation will not ask you to pay for My Combo 10.
If you have already opted for a 10 Channel combo & you can still opt for All Channel combo.
The combo packs are not auto renewed i.e. After 30 days of subscription, User will be asked to select the combination of channels once again.
User can not alter the combination of Combo pack during the subscription period, but is free to opt for another Combo.

Q. Once switched on (or logged on), can I somehow stop the usage (consumption of Photon TV) in between in case I wish to & then resume after sometime or the only way to stop is to completely log out?
A .You can stop the TV streaming by returning the Home screen. You are  a cpck away if you want to resume viewing the same channel.

Q. Can we download any file/ content from Photon TV?
A . Copy/record/repurposing any content being streamed on Photon TV is prohibited.

Q. Can I record any content from Photon TV if need be?
A . Copy/record/repurposing any content being streamed on Photon TV is prohibited.

Q. Where do I check for the programs of particular channel?
A .You can select channel from the channel pst & browse the program of that channel by cpcking on the bottom of preview image.

Q. Will I be charged extra for playing the content?

A .Browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be apppcable while viewing Photon TV.
These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV.
Approximate data downloaded per min of TV viewing is 1.5MB. If user is on Data plan, Data consumed for viewing TV shall be deducted just pke any other content browsed on internet.

Q. When I open the app & cpck on channel for viewing, it takes long time to load the video.Why?
A . The usual time for a video to start would be anywhere between 10 sec to 30 sec, this might vary based on the network conditions.

Q. Is Photon TV suitable for any specific laptop or software configuration e.g. vlc, windows xp, vista, media player or a real player??
A .It works with Windows OS. It does not require any other software such are real player.

Q. Is there anyone whom I can meet in person or discuss over the phone or for Demo to know more about Photon TV?
A . You can call the call centre for queries. Number : 1800-266121

Q. Will I be able to use Photon TV outside HSIA coverage Area?
A .Photo TV apppcation requires High speed internet access for streaming the video. User in poor network conditions will not be able to view TV streaming seamlessly.

Q. How does a customer unsubscribe from a VAS pack?
A . The subscription is on a non-auto-renewable basis, so if the user does not renew his pack on expiry; he gets unsubscribed automatically.

Q. Will this also work on prepaid Photon+?
A . As of now this will work only on Postpaid Photon+ in “HSIA” network covered zones only.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Agreement to these Terms
    THIS IS A BINDING LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND Apalya Technologies Pvt Ltd (REFERRED TO HEREIN AS "COMPANY," "Apalya, and US," Partner" "OUR") GOVERNING YOUR ACCESS AND/OR USE OF THIS SERVICE. YOU MUST READ THESE TERMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. Your access or use of this Service constitutes your agreement to be bound to these Terms, which includes any restrictions posted or any changes that may exist when you re-access our application. If you do not agree with these Terms, do not use this Application/Service. Discontinuing use of this Application/Service shall not modify any Terms that apply to prior uses on the Application/Service.

  2. Agreement to Changes or Updates
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Channels Available

Watch Movies on your Photon TV

Movies NAME
Kal Kissne Dekha / MONTH 25
Sab Choritra Kalponik / MONTH 25
Sikandar / MONTH 25
Well Done Abba / MONTH 50
Kites / MONTH 50
Paa / MONTH 50
Luck By Chance / MONTH 50
Daddy Cool / MONTH 25
Karz / MONTH 25
Aitraaz/ MONTH 25
Apna Sapna Money Money/ MONTH 25
Hero/MONTH 50
Chupke chupke/MONTH 25
Golmaal/MONTH 50
Khakee/MONTH 25

** Dear customers we are constantly adding channels for providing the best of entertainment on Photon TV. Some of these channels in the list might change from time to time. To know the channel list at that point of time, you should refer to the Photon TV client on your desktop.

Mobile TV

Enjoy LIVE TV with 63 Channels across multiple Genres on your handset ---- powered by Tata Photon+

A variety of exciting Channels to choose from covering all genres

There are a total of 63 channels available on Mobile TV today

Non Premium
Immediate 5 58 63
Coming Soon !! 8 19 27

Coming Soon !! - The biggest bollywood blockbusters- on your mobile handset.

Tariffs lower than Cable / Satellite TV…..

Yes  !! Watching TV on your mobile phone is actually cheaper than your satellite/cable connection.

Mobile TV will now be chargeable from 1st August 2010.

Subscription Charges are as per the table below:

Mobile TV Subscription
Period / Rs
Sr No Scenario 1 Day 7 Days Month
1 All Channels (Excluding Premium Content) NA 25 75
2 Any one channel (Including premium content) 7 12 35

Data charges as applicable.

Mobile TV channel list

Mobile TV