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In a continuous attempt to present innovative solutions to customers for accessing internet, TATA Teleservices Ltd now presents a new product, "TATA Photon Wi-Fi Router".With this, you can now create a portable hotspot anytime, anywhere. It is a device that enables you to share Wi-Fi with up to 5 users/devices simultaneously to access internet. So, enable yourself with the power to access internet on multiple devices instantaneously with TATA Photon Wi-Fi Router!

Multi-user/Multi-device capability

  • TATA Photon Wi-Fi can support sharing internet with up to 5 users/devices simultaneously on the go

Portable and Handy Wi-Fi Router

  • The Router has a slim and compact design unlike many other bulky Wi-Fi devices that are currently available in the market. This makes it extremely convenient to carry in a pocket!
  • You can create a portable hotspot anytime, anywhere
  • Comes with a portable and rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Secured Access

  • The connection is password protected

Independent of Operating Systems

  • Thus eliminates the OS related issues, and hence compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled device

Easy to use

  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Simple installation and activation
  • Switch on and start surfing

High Speed Internet

  • Supported by Tata Photon Plus services - Speeds Up to 3.1 Mbps (Downlink) and 1.8 Mbps (Uplink) distributed across connected users.
  • Speeds of individual users will depend on the applications being accessed by them
  • Compatible on 1x services where Tata Photon Plus coverage is not present

Supports one RJ45 Ethernet Port

The Tata Photon Advantage

Make the most of the Tata Photon Plus Advantage:

Superior In-Building Coverage

  • Tata Photon Plus operates at a frequency of 800 MHz which can penetrate better even through building walls and hence can offer superior indoor connectivity.

Free All-India Roaming

  • You can enjoy free roaming across more than 100 cities in India wherever Tata Photon Plus is available .
  • Automatic switch over to speeds up to 153.6 Kbps (Tata Photon Whiz Speeds) in non-Tata Photon Plus regions.

Enhanced signal reception, even while on the move

  • "Receive Diversity" - Dual antennae in the device aids in stronger reception of the signal.

Dedicated Data Spectrum

  • Dedicated data spectrum ensures that any voice usage does not impact your internet experience.

Affordable plans to suit your needs

  • You can now choose from a range of Unlimited Plans , Usage-based plans,  Time-based plans and Device-bundled offers as per your convenience.

Dedicated Customer Care (1800 266 121 – Toll Free)

  • We offer a dedicated Customer Care for Tata Photon Plus to service you better.

Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web page accessed etc.

Get a Tata Photon Wi-Fi connection at Rs.6000.
Now, avail 100% Cashback on the device on select plans!

Data Based Plans

Monthly Rental (Rs)
Bill Discounts per month for 12 months (Rs.)
Total Discounts per month over 12 months (Rs.)
Additional Usage Charges
Photon Plus Lite 650 MB 500 - - Re. 0.50/MB
Photon Plus 1GB 1 GB 650 - - Re. 0.50/MB
Photon Plus 2GB 2 GB 750 - - Re. 0.50/MB
Photon Plus Mega 5GB 5 GB 950 - - Re. 0.50/MB
Photon Plus Power Surf 10 GB 1100 - - Re. 0.50/MB
Photon Plus Super Surf 15 GB 1500 500 6000 Re. 0.50/MB

Terms and Conditions:

Service tax at applicable rates and any other applicable government levies will be charged extra.

Toll Free Customer Care number 1800-266-121 for our Tata Photon Wi-Fi customers.

The devices are manufactured by OEMs and for any faults or claims the purchaser of device should approach the Authorized Service Centre (ASC) of the manufacturer with the warranty card. TTSL/TTML sales/service outlets would provide information about ASCs of device manufacturer and will facilitate such an approach. However, TTSL/TTML is not responsible for any claim arising on account of faulty devices.

Add On Packs

Add-on Packs are packs that provide additional usage, over and above the Bundled Usage in your plan.
In case there is a spike in your usage during a month, you can subscribe to an Add-on Pack to keep your bill in control.

Pack Name
Monthly Rental
Free Usage
Type of add-on pack
1 GB Add-on Pack Rs. 250 1 GB Non-prorated and Non-Recurring
2 GB Add-on Pack Rs. 350 2 GB Non-prorated and Non-Recurring
5 GB Add-on Pack Rs. 600 5 GB Non-prorated and Non-Recurring

Terms and Conditions:

  • The add on packs will be applicable only on the plans with rentals greater than or equal to Rs.500.
  • These packs are non-prorated and non-recurring, which means this is a one-time subscription. In case you wish to renew it, you will have to contact the Customer Care every time.

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