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Troubleshooting Tips


Powering on the CPE:Push in the power button (Black Colour) to power ON the System takes around a minute to boot completely. If the CPE fails to start replace the CPE unit.


Led Status



The Power LED turns red light until the CPE starts up. When start up ready, light changes to green and stays ON.
If the Power LED does not glow please check the following.

  • Check if Power Supply to the CPE.
  • Check if the Adopter is properly plugged in power socket.
  • Check if the cable to the CPE is connected on the Black input provided (Marked with "DCIN")



The ONLINE LED turns on while IP connected and blinks while there is traffic.
If the Online LED does not glow please check the following.

  • Check if the connectivity from Computer and CPE is proper.
  • Check if there is no change in IP address of computer
  • Check if there is any static IP provided to CPE.



WLAN LED turns ON while wireless is active.

If the WLAN LED does not glow please check Step No : 6.1 of CPE Trouble shooting manual
If WLAN LED is ON and Still customer is not able to access via wireless.
Please check the wireless security options STEP No: 6.2 of CPE Trouble shooting manual



DSL LED blinks and turns steady on when connection is established with DSL node.
If the DSL LED does not glow please check the following

  • Check if the cable is properly plugged in at rear of CPE in "DSL" socket.
  • Check if the cable from the rosette box is not disconnected.
  • Change the cable between rosette box and CPE.
  • Check the settings of the CPE from STEP 1 to STEP 8 in CPE Trouble shooting manual
  • Reboot to CPE is all of the above if found 'OK'



Each LANx LED turns ON while Ethernet port is properly connected and blinks while there is traffic.
If the LANx LED does not glow please check the following

  • Check the cable is properly plugged in the sockets at rear of CPE. (LAN ports are YELLOW Colour marked with LAN1, LAN2, LAN3 & LAN4)
  • Check if the connectivity from Computer and CPE is proper.
  • Check if there is no change in IP address of computer
  • Check if there is any static IP provided to CPE.
  • Check if the LAN port of the Computer is enabled or functioning OK.
  • Reboot to CPE is all of the above if found 'OK'



If the customer complains about DSL loss and CPE status is OK

  • Please check the CPE configurations from STEP 1 to STEP 8.

Specs of Device (Modem)

We will be offering 2 different CPEs along with broadband connection:
Single port router Single port router for Single PC / Laptop
4 port router 4 port router which supports 4 PCs with Wi-Fi

System Requirements

Computer system requirements for using Broadband connection:

  • Operating System

    Windows 98 and above, Linux, Macintosh

  • PC Hardware recommended:

    RAM: 128 MB and above
    USB / Ethernet port for ADSL modem / router
    LAN card for ADSL router
    CD ROM drive

TATA Photon Pro FAQs

Q) What is Photon Pro Broadband service?
Ans.: Photon Pro is the wire line Broadband service from TATA Indicom. Broadband connectivity enables you to access the internet at speeds up to 18 Mbps, so internet applications like email, chat and downloads are much faster as compared to a low speed dial-up or cable connection. High speeds also allow you to listen to audio and see video clips live on the internet, without any delay or distortion.

Q) What does an 'always on' connection mean? How do I connect to the internet?
Ans.: An 'Always On' Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don't need to dial any phone number and your phone is always free for use even while using the internet. Also unlike dial-up connection, where your phone line is engaged when you are surfing the internet, with Photon Pro broadband you can simultaneously talk on Tata Indicom phone and access the internet.

Q) Is Photon Pro Broadband service different from already existing TATA Indicom broadband service?
Ans.: Yes. Photon Pro Broadband service is the fixed wire line broadband service recently launched by TATA Teleservices in select cities across India. Both broadband as well as wire line voice access is provided by TATA Teleservices to the customer at the most affordable prices. TATA Indicom broadband is offered by another group company, TATA Communications, erstwhile VSNL. However, this service offers only data (i.e., broadband) and not voice.

Q) What broadband speeds are offered by Photon Pro Broadband?
Ans.: Photon Pro Broadband offers plans with a wide range of speeds, ranging from 100 Kbps to 18 Mbps per connection.

Q. Are any voice add-on packs also available? If yes, what are the charges?
Ans.: Local CUG and Local T2T voice add-on packs are applicable with Combo plans. The monthly rentals are as follows:

Applicable Voice Add On PacksLocal CUG (Monthly Rental - Rs.50/-) Local T2T Pack (Monthly Rental - Rs 75/-)

Q) What are the terms of payment for Photon Pro broadband service?
Ans.: Payment charges are monthly. Broadband CPE charges and security deposit, if applicable, have to be paid upfront when taking the connection.

Q) I already have TTSL wire line connection, can I avail Photon Pro Broadband only?
Ans.: Yes. If you are an existing TATA Indicom wire line customer you can opt for only Photon Pro Broadband.

Q) I am currently using Broadband, can I apply for Photon Pro?
Ans.: Yes. You can apply for a new Photon Pro Broadband connection in addition to any current broadband connection.

Q) I already have a Photon Pro connection; can I Upgrade the Speed / Bandwidth?
Ans.: Yes. You can upgrade your Bandwidth by upgrading to a Photon Pro tariff plan with higher speed. You can select from any of our tariff plans, with speeds varying from 100 Kbps to 18 Mbps, as per your requirements and budget. Please call 121 from your Tata Indicom phone to change your tariff plan. The plan change will come into effect from the next billing cycle.

Q) What is Upstream and Downstream bandwidth?
Ans.: Upstream refers to the bandwidth from the end user to the Internet; while downstream refers to the traffic bandwidth from the internet to the end user. For Internet surfing, usually the downstream traffic is much higher than the upstream traffic.

Q) What is the technology on which Photon Pro works?
Ans.: Photon Pro works on ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology used for transmitting digital information at high speeds through the copper telephone lines reaching your homes and businesses. It is called asymmetric because the downstream rate is much higher than the upstream rate of information transfer.

Q) How does ADSL 2+ technology work?
Ans.: ADSL 2+ works by splitting the copper line into two frequency ranges. The frequencies below 4 kHz are reserved for voice (telephone), and the range above 4 kHz is used for data (internet access). This makes it possible to use the same line for phone calls and internet access at the same time.
ADSL2+ is the most advanced wire line broadband technology available today. It supports highest data transfer speeds. It is scalable to meet future bandwidth heavy applications.

Q) Is Photon Pro prepaid / postpaid service?
Ans.: Photon Pro broadband is a postpaid service.

Q) How do I get the connection?
Ans.: Please call up at our call centers and we will send our sales person to your place that will help you in buying the product.

Q) Is Photon Pro available in all areas?
Ans.: Currently, Photon Pro is being launched in select cities.
It will be available in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijaywada, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bangalore and Delhi.

Q) If Photon Pro broadband is available in my city, will it be available in any area across the city?
Ans.: Currently Photon Pro is being launched in select areas in select cities. However before offering the service to you, we will do a feasibility check in your area to confirm whether we can offer the service in your area.

Q) What accessories are required for Photon Pro Broadband connection?
Ans.: In addition to your compatible laptop/PC, a broadband Modem / router (CPE) is required for Broadband Service. This CPE is available with our Photon Pro wire line broadband service and is provided to you at a very economical price.
Customer can chose from any one of the 2 types of broadband CPEs being provided with our Photon Pro wire line broadband service.

Q. Will I be able to change from a standalone broadband plan to combo plan?
Ans.: Yes, you can change your standalone broadband to a combo plan. You can also change form a combo plan to a standalone broadband plan.


Q) What is a broadband CPE?
Ans.: CPE stands for Customer Premises Equipment. It consists of an ADSL modem/router and a splitter to separate the incoming line frequencies to be used for telephone and broadband services. The broadband CPE kit provided by Photon Pro contains both CPE and the splitter, User Manual, RJ11 and RJ45 cable.
Two kinds of CPEs are available: Single port router and 4 port Wi-Fi router for laptop users.

Q) What is a splitter? Do I need one?
Ans.: If the Photon Pro broadband connection provided to you is on the same copper line as your telephone, then you will need to separate out these signals by using a splitter. The splitter is a passive device (not requiring external power supply) and will have one output entering your telephone instrument and one or more outputs entering the ADSL modem (router) which is further connected to your computer.

Q) Do I own the broadband router / modem / CPE that is provided to me at the time of installation of connection?
Ans.: Yes, the broadband router remains with you even when you disconnect our broadband service.

Q) Can my existing modem be used for broadband connection?
Ans.: The modems generally used for Internet are dial-up modems and hence cannot be used for broadband.
Broadband connection is built on the ADSL technology which requires special ADSL modems. These are provided with every Photon Pro broadband connection at a very affordable price.

Q) How do I ensure security on Wi-Fi Connection through Four Port CPE?
Ans.: During installation of four ports CPE with Wi-Fi, the engineer will enter the password for Wi-Fi connection. The user always needs to keep the Wi-Fi connectivity in password protected mode to avoid misuse of his/her Wi-Fi Connectivity.
You should also change your password regularly.

Please remember that you would be solely responsible for any misuse of Wi-Fi usage.
Q) Does the Photon Pro broadband CPE require a UPS in case of a power failure?
Ans.: The broadband CPE sold through TTSL is an active device requiring small amount of power supply to function. In case of power failure, a UPS would be required.


Q) How do I connect to Broadband?
Ans.: To connect to the internet you need a broadband modem/router to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have a free Ethernet port with an RJ45 socket. Some broadband modems have a USB port and you could connect these modems to the USB port of your computer.

Q) What types of ports are required on Computer for connecting the broadband modem?
Ans.: Every broadband modem has an Ethernet Port for connectivity to computer. Either of the ports can be used for connection. The availability of either of these ports should be confirmed before registering the Broadband connection.

Q) How do I install broadband?
Ans.: Once your line connection is through after all feasibility checks. An engineer will visit your premises with the broadband CPE for installation. The complete installation and setup of your Broadband connection will be done by the engineer. Only once the installation is complete, your line will become active for use and your billing will start.
In case you are buying your own broadband CPE, then it will need to be configured and installed by you. We would support installation and trouble shooting of broadband CPEs bought from us only.

Q) Do I need any software for the installation?
Ans.: No. The engineer will complete the required configuration and installation of your equipment and will hand over to you once your Broadband connection is up and running.
If you choose to use your own broadband CPE then you will need to ensure you have the right software for configuration and installation.


Q) Can I have more than one Broadband line in my home?
Ans.: Yes, you can have as many Broadband lines in your home (subject to feasibility). TATA Indicom can provide you as many lines, each on a separate copper pair into your house as you want. Though the costs would be increasing, but it is possible to meet your requirement, as requested.


Q) What is download/upload?
Ans.: Flow of information into your PC from a web-page or a website is known as downloading. On the other hand, the flow of information from your PC to the outer internet world is called uploading.

Q) What is the speed that I will be getting?
Ans.: The speed would depend on the tariff plan that you will select. We offer speeds from 100 Kbps to 18 Mbps. Also the effective throughput is based on a number of factors like, PC configuration, load on websites etc. We will always ensure to provide speeds on best effort basis.

Q) Is the speed for upload as well as download the same?
Ans.: No. Generally the upload and download speeds are different. Download speed is usually much higher than the upload speed.


Q) How do I secure my systems from Internet attacks?
Ans.: Few steps to ensure online security from Internet attacks:

  • Make sure that your Operating System is up-to-date with the latest patches. Also ensure that the services and applications that run on your machine, each have their own latest patches installed.
  • Any service which you no longer need, such as web server, ftp server etc, which still are running on your machine, it is advisable to disable them.
  • You must ensure to use firewall toolkits and other filtering software to help control access to your systems.

Q) What is a firewall? Should I have one?
Ans.: A firewall is a system which is designed to prevent unauthorized access to a private computer / network.
Due to the nature of the ADSL connection, it is highly recommended that all Internet users have a firewall enabled to protect their computer/network from any unauthorized access. There are various software's available to help you achieve this. Please contact your system administrator for further details on software's.


Q) What is an IP address?
Ans.: On being connected to the Internet, every PC is automatically allocated an IP (Internet Protocol) address for identification purposes.
IP addresses are of two types: dynamic and static. Dynamic IPs change each time the user logs in, while Static IP remains the same and needs to be configured in one's PC and CPE.

Q) What types of IP addresses are possible?
Ans.: IP addresses could be dynamic (that typically change with each login session) and static (which are permanently allocated to you). By default, Photon Pro provides dynamic IP with every connection. Static IPs need to be purchased by calling the Customer Care and requesting for the required no. of Static IPs. The charges for the same will be reflected in subsequent monthly bill.

Q) Why would one need a static IP address?
Ans.: There are a wide range of applications which require a dedicated Static IP address. Some of these include:

  1. In case you are hosting your own mail-server (SMTP inbound).
  2. Many VPN (virtual private network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a static IP address.
  3. In case you need to connect to your private company network and need access through the firewall.

Q) What is NAT (Network Address Translation/Translator)?
Ans.: NAT stands for 'Network Address Translation/Network Address Translator'. Each computer connected to the Internet needs to have a unique IP address. To use the global IP addresses more efficiently, computers belonging to a business can have local addresses. NAT would then allow connecting multiple local computers to the Internet using one global IP address.
Each NAT has a table of local IP addresses mapped to the globally unique addresses by which the NAT box can translate the local IP addresses to the global address and vice versa.

Q) Can I host a web server on a broadband line?
Ans.: Yes, one could host a web server on the broadband line along with a static IP address for the broadband connection.
Though technically possible, it is still not recommended especially in the case of heavy usage service. ADSL being an asymmetric service, the downstream speeds are much higher than the upstream speeds. Hence, the performance can be poor if many users simultaneously try to access the web server.
We would not be able to support maintenance complaints in issues arising out of this.

Q) How do I avail additional Static IPs?
Ans.: We would be introducing this feature shortly.

Q) Does a Static IP has a committed Bandwidth?
Ans.: Bandwidth commitment for Photon Pro is based on the tariff plan selected. The assignment of static or dynamic IP has no effect on bandwidth committed to a user.


Q) I have the Photon Pro Broadband connection at my office; can I use it at home too?
Ans.: The Photon Pro Broadband account is activated on one specific telephone line only. If you need to use the broadband connection at any location other than where it is installed you need to apply for another Photon Pro connection.

Q) Can cyber café / PCO holders avail of Photon Pro Broadband service?
Ans.: TTSL does not offer its Photon Pro broadband for PCO calling and Cyber Café. In case post installation it is found that TTSL broadband is being used for PCO calling and / or by Cyber Café, TTSL will discontinue the broadband connectivity automatically. However, customer will be liable to pay the complete broadband charges as per the tariff plan which has been consumed before discontinuation.

Q) Can I use Fax and Broadband connection simultaneously?
Ans.: Yes, you can use fax as well as broadband simultaneously with Photon Pro. The telephone line coming out of broadband modem can be used for fax while surfing the internet simultaneously.


Q) Whom should I contact if I have a problem with the Photon Pro connection?
Ans.: If you have any problem with the Broadband connection you can contact the TATA Indicom Broadband Customer service at 1515 / 121

Q) Do Photon Pro services come with a service level agreement?
Ans.: Photon Pro broadband services do not come with a SLA (service level agreement) for speeds. However we aim to resolve all issues / faults as soon as possible to ensure that you enjoy best in class service.
If you feel the need for a guaranteed high-speed connection to the Internet and are a heavy internet user, we suggest you to obtain our leased line connectivity.

Q) Under which scenarios can I change my rate plan?
Ans.: An existing Photon Pro user can change his / her rate plan anytime as per his / her requirement and select from our wide range of Photon Pro tariff plans. (Please refer to the Photon Pro Broadband Services Tariff Plan details).


Q) Are there any shifting charges on Broadband connections?
Ans.: There will be no shifting charges for Broadband. However, wire line phone shift scenarios would levy charges as before.

Q) What happens if I shift my premises?
Ans.: Broadband connection is given for a particular fixed Del no. If you move, the broadband connection can be shifted to a new line in the new location subject to availability in that area (post feasibility checks). No shifting charges are required to be paid.

Q) Will my telephone work in case of Power failure?
Ans.: Your telephone will continue to work in case of power failure at your end.


Q) What are the one time (fixed) costs involved for Broadband connection?
Ans.: Following are the one time fixed costs involved for Broadband connection

  • Security Deposit: As applicable.
  • One-time Upfront Charges for broadband CPE (Non-refundable)
  • Activation charges: As Applicable

Q) How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that's right for me?
Ans.: This depends a lot on your usage pattern and the purpose for which you will be using the broadband connection. If you are a home or a small office user, you may want to choose from any of our Unlimited Combo plans, ranging from 100 Kbps to 1 Mbps for your general surfing and emailing needs. However, if you are a heavy user - downloading videos or uploading large files and want to control your spends, you could select from any of the Volume based Combo plans, best suitable as per your budget and broadband requirements.

Q) Can the Customer Service help solve problems with my own computer/ hardware?
Ans.: We are afraid, not. The Customer Care will be glad to help you on problems relating specifically to the Photon Pro Broadband service from TATA Indicom and the hardware/software provided by TATA Indicom.
If you have purchased your own CPE, and are facing issues with it, the helpdesk will not be able to assist you with it, and we will recommend that you contact the hardware supplier.


Q) What is a Volume Based Plan? Who should go in for a Volume based plan?
Ans.: The volume based plan charges you only for the data bytes that you transfer while online. This is measured in bits. Data transfer up to a pre-defined limit (in MB) is bundled free with the plan. Any data consumption more than this pre-defined limit is charged at a fixed cost per MB.
The volume based plan does not bill you for the time that you spend on the Internet.
These plans are best suited if you want to control your spends and continuously be on the Internet and chat and email very frequently.

Q) How is the total data traffic sent and received by me calculated?
Ans.: Any amount of data uploaded and downloaded by you will constitute to "Data traffic" sent and received, respectively. You may download or upload data while doing the following activities- Sending or receiving an E-mail (with or without attachment), Opening a Website by keying in the website address, Downloading contents from a website, Normal Chatting, Voice Chatting, Sending and Receiving files through FTP (File transfer Protocol) or Telnet (Terminal network login).

Q) Who should go in for an Unlimited Plan?
Ans.: The Unlimited Plan is especially useful if the time spent by you on Internet is very high and you have heavy data downloads and uploads.

Q) How do I check upload/ download usage? How do I change my password for my Account?
Ans.: You can view your internet usage in the "My Account" section available on the web portal under "My Profile" option. The same portal also has the option to change your password under My Profile > Personal Setup option.


Q) What precautions do I take to prevent slow browsing?
Ans.: There could be various reasons for the browsing being slow. However, you may take the following necessary steps to troubleshoot the same:
Clear the Cache by clearing the history of sites which you have visited
Slow browsing could also be due to low processor speeds. We recommend that you upgrade your processor to P4 for optimum performance
Terminate any Resident programs or applications running in the background
Check your system for Virus and if detected, use anti-virus software to remove the same
If your problem still persists, contact our Customer Service for further assistance.


Q) How will I be charged for my Photon Pro broadband service?
Ans.: Your bill will be based on the tariff plan that you have selected. We would be sending you a monthly bill as per your billing cycle.

Q) How will I receive my bill?

  • The bill will be sent by email to the email address provided by you at the time of CAF submission.
  • Also, a hard copy will be mailed to your Address mentioned on the CAF at no extra Cost!
  • You can also log onto Your Customer Management Portal where you can view details of your bill.

Q) Can I carry forward my unutilized Free Calling Value and/or Free Broadband Usage (from my Volume based Combo Plan) to the next month?
Ans.: No. There is no carry forward of the unused usage. You will have to consume the applicable Free Calling Value and/or Free Broadband within the plan month itself. To avoid any unutilized usage, we request you to choose a plan that suits your requirements.
Free Calling Value and Free Broadband Usage as bundled with your Volume based Combo plan will be applicable on individual products and no pooling of free data/call value will be applicable within and in between combo products.

Q) Will I be charged Monthly Charges even if my monthly Data traffic or total time spent on the Internet for the month is Zero?
Ans.: Yes. Monthly Charges are applicable whether you have used your internet or no.

Q) How do I read my Photon Pro broadband bill?
Ans.: Your Photon Pro broadband bill has been designed such that it is simple to read and all the charges are reflected clearly such that there are no hidden costs anywhere. The TATA Indicom Bill is available on Web Portal under the option > My Bill and Pay

Q) Will I be charged full month's rental even when I discontinue my Broadband connection, say after 15 days?
Ans.: No. You will be charged on pro-rata basis for your monthly plan rental.
For e.g. if your Photon Pro Broadband plan has a monthly rental of Rs 600/-, and you discontinue this connection after 15 days, you will be charged only Rs 300/-.
Please also remember that any discount on Free Call Value (FCV) as well as on Free Broadband Usage will also be pro-rated whenever you are charged rentals on a pro-rata basis.

Q) Will I be allowed to pay the bills even when my account is barred?
Ans.: Yes. You will be allowed to login to My Account and make bill payments.

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