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TATA Walky 10 Postpaid

Tata Indicom is proud to bring you a revolutionary new home phone - Tata Indicom with a unique 10 digit number for small & semi urban towns. A superior phone with advanced features like Internet, caller ID, speaker phone, address book etc. And Tata Walky 10 is available in both Prepaid and Postpaid versions, so that you can choose what suits your requirements best... With Tata Walky 10, you control your monthly home phone budget.

Here are a few more exciting benefits of Tata Walky 10:

Instant Connection

You can get an instant connection over the counter. No waiting period, no excessive paperwork.


As tata Walky 10 is wireless, it is easy to install, with no annoying wires and - no major connections inside your house.

Walky 10 is available in select towns only. For list of towns please

Contact Customer Service


  1. Internet access anywhere you want – no need to be restricted by wires and slow Internet speeds
  2. A ‘no-problem’ phone – be freed from the repeated complaints in a Wireline phone due to faulty cables, rains or any other problems.
  3. Portability within your Circle. No need to have separate phones for your home and business; no need to change your phone if you shift residence.
  4. Feature rich and hi-tech phone – Internet, SMS, Speakerphone, Caller ID, Phone book, ring tones and sleek & trendy looks. A backlit instrument will enable easy visibility through out the day and night.
  5. An effective rental of just Rs. 150 per month i.e. Rs. 350 rental with Rs. 200 of Free usage value.
  6. No waiting period for a Tata Walky 10 connection.
  7. Low call charges – call anywhere in your Circle at just 75p per minute. Call anywhere across the country at just Rs. 1.00/min. And surf unlimited at Night (10pm - 6 am) for free.
  8. A wide variety of super saver Add-on packs that will help you save on your phone bill.
  9. Receiving call advantage - Calls to Tata Indicom10 from any Phone within the state are Local calls.
  10. No additional deposit for STD. Free CLIP, Free Call wait, Free Call forward and Free Voice mail.

How to Activate

A customer wanting to get a Postpaid Tata Walky 10 connection will have to undertake the following steps:

  • Visit any Tata Indicom outlet/retailer.
  • Chooses a Phone number of his choice.
  • Customer pays the Activation charge.
  • Customer fills the CAF and submits the required documents.The phone is activated and the customer collects his Tata Walky 10.

Documents Required

Documents required to get  Tata Walky 10 postpaid connection :

  • 1 passport sized photograph.
  • Permanent Account number(PAN)/ Form 60
  • Proof of ID: Driving license/Pan card/voter's card/any government issued identity card.
  • Proof of residence: Electricity Bill, Landline Telephone Bill/TATA Teleservices bill.
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