Why Does Google Chrome Take Up So Much Memory?

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers available in the market. Chrome is widely used and is extremely popular among the populace. But with great benefits comes great flaws as well. The biggest flaw that this amazing web browser has is, that chrome consumes a great amount of ram memory, which is annoying at times. It’s a recurring question, that why does google chrome take up so much memory, but is there any answer to the question?

Do you know why does chrome takes up a great deal of memory? Have you ever wondered if there was any solution for fixing this problem? What if there is a solution. Well, we’ll discuss the problem and its solution in this article. But before going to that point, first, let’s go and talk a bit about what is a web browser.

What Is A Web Browser?

A web browser is a software/application Developed for users so that they can search and access the information they want on the World Wide Web. In easy terms, it’s a software design for customers so that they can access information on the internet. Like Google, there is a lot of other cross-platform web browsers. Now, what is a cross-platform browser?

A cross-platform browser is a kind of software made for multiple computer platforms. Google Chrome, Firefox, and opera mini are some examples of cross-platform browsers. Before understanding why does Google Chrome takes up so much memory, let’s go and understand a bit about Google Chrome.

What Is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was introduced for the first time on the 2nd of September 2008 for Microsoft Windows. And was later made compatible with Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android where it is the default browser built into the Operating System (OS). The browser is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves as the platform for web applications.

Google Chrome is a free cross-platform web browser used to surf through the internet, open various tabs, and search for the information you desire. It was developed by Google and as of may 2020, Google Chrome has occupied more that 60% of web browser market share, making it one of the biggest web browser.

Some Interesting Facts About Google Chrome

A few interesting facts about Google Chrome:

  • The introduction of google chrome was made on the 2nd of September 2020.
  • Larry Page and Sergey brin founded Google.
  • Larry Page and Sergey brin hired people from Mozilla to construct A demonstration version of chrome.
  • Do you wonder why Chrome is extremely fast? It’s because Google Chrome uses the same WebKit as Safari (apple) which makes it really fast.
  • It has an incognito mode through which you can search for anything and it won’t save anything in history. It is a privacy tool that doesn’t allow history to be stored.
  • By the way, have you ever wondered who is the father of chrome? Is it Sergey brin? Or is it Larry Page? Or is it Sundar Pichai? Well, none of the above because Mr. Rajen sheth is known as the father of Google Apps (including chrome) and is also responsible for the development of Google Chrome.
  • The languages used in writing google chrome are – c, c++, java, and python language.
  • It also provides quick search in mobile phone.
  • You can add bookmarks to the websites you wish to revisit anytime in the future.
  • Google Chrome has its own task manager as well.

Now let’s go and understand why does Google Chrome takes up so much memory.

Why Does Google Chrome Take Up So Much Memory?

Finally, we are on the topic that you have been waiting for which is why does Google Chrome takes up so much memory. So let’s go and discuss the reason why does Google chrome takes up so much memory.

Actually, chrome does not really need a huge amount of ram memory that it takes up, it is simply because of its intelligent design. Since chrome is one of the superior browsers, it doesn’t have just one task.

Let me explain it to you in simple words, suppose you are working on a humongous research task that involves a lot of back and forth and a lot of tabs and a lot of searches and a lot of copy and pastes and again a lot of tabs.

Since Google Chrome is a far superior browser, its because of this that it has a lot of mini-tasks, which means each tab, each plugin, each extension has its own mini tasks.

Now, what is the use of these tasks? It is because of them that if something or the other fails, it won’t crash everything, which means if you have opened a lot of tabs it won’t be crashing down an entire web, thus saving your research work.

It is because of this reason that chrome takes up a huge amount of ram memory. Chrome also at times dedicates memory in duplicating the webpages depending upon the page it’s loading.

This was all about the problem of why does Google chrome takes up so much memory, but is there any solution to the problem? Yes, Of course, come on let’s discuss the solution to the problem mentioned above.

What Are Solutions?

Here are a few solutions based on the problem mentioned above. These are easy and simple solutions. So let’s go and discuss the solutions.

  1. Check all the extensions– check all the extension and find out if you really need them or not. If you don’t really need them then you know what you should do, disable them.
  2. There is an option to Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed, turn this off.
  3. You can add Adblock.
  4. You can turn on the click to play option as well.


In this particular article you learned about, why does Google Chrome take up so much memory, what is Google chrome, interesting facts about Google chrome, what is a web browser, what is a cross-platform web browser and solution to the problem of why does Google Chrome take up so much memory.

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