Why is My Wi-Fi So Slow? [Explained in Detail]

Because of the lockdown, most of the people are working from home and their work is entirely dependent on the internet. Now, let’s go through an example you will relate to. Imagine you have worked hard all night because you had an important meeting the next day. Now, when you are just about to give your presentation in front of the attendees your Internet’s speed goes down and Everything you did went in vain. Now all you can do is wonder why the speed of your Wi-Fi is slow.

Let’s take another example. You are a student and you have to appear for an online exam. An exam that you cannot omit. You have worked hard for the exam, you studied hard for the exam. Now when you sit to give example and try to open the webpage on which the exam would be conducted, you find it buffering. You have to enter the details before a predefined time otherwise you won’t be allowed to appear for the exam. You try but again, everything turns out to be bootless.

In both cases because of slow Wi-Fi, you missed something really important. This is a thing that we all face every day, but why does this thing happen? Let’s go and understand why does this happens. But before that let’s go and understand some basic things that you need to know. So let’s go.

What Is Wi-Fi?

The word Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is a wireless communication facility that allows computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the internet or communicate with one another wirelessly through a wireless router, within a particular area. It allows local area networks or LANs to work without wiring and cables, making it easier to use but reducing the hassle of working with wires, thus making it a popular option among the people.

Usually, Wi-Fi provides really high speed of internet. The following are some of the many uses of Wi-Fi –

  • You can stream movies on the TV compatible with connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Share documents with any other device which is connected to the network.
  • Stream songs in the connected speakers.
  • It’s wireless thus avoiding the hassle of dealing with a web of entangled wires.
These were the uses of Wi-Fi. But the question is, why the speed of your Wi-Fi is slow. Since this is the core of the topic, so let’s go and understand the probable reasons for slow Wi-Fi. Let’s go.

Why The Speed of Your Wi-Fi Is Slow?

Slow Wi-Fi is something that takes a toll on everyone’s mind. Since most of the work is being done from home, slow Wi-Fi creates even more problems in communication and also in the flow of work. Though there are a lot of reasons why the speed of your Wi-Fi is slow, we are going to discuss some of the important reasons why Wi-Fi is so slow.

Since there are many reasons why Wi-Fi speed is slow, here we will discuss some of the most probable and important reasons. So let’s go.

  • Let’s start with your router. At times you might place the router at certain parts of your how where the connection is not strong. Places like corners, drawers, cupboards or any other small and enclosed are can reduce the speed of your Wi-Fi
  • It might in a room enclosed with thick concrete walls or not in an open space, in easy words.
  • A router might not be in the center of your house or office, making it far from your device thus harder to connect
  • Too Many devices might be connected to a single network. Because of this, the network is shared among many parties which makes it slow.
  • If there are a lot of interferences like microwave, Bluetooth, etc. This also reduces the speed of your Wi-Fi.
  • Since everyone is working from home, there is a great amount of Wi-Fi working around your Wi-Fi. This also creates interference.
  • Finally, there might be some defect in your router or the router you have is a basic version because of which the speed of your Wi-Fi is slow.

These were some of the reasons why the speed of Wi-Fi is slow. But these were just some of the reasons, aren’t there any solutions? Yes, there are and we are going to go through the solutions quickly. So let’s go a see what the solutions are.

How To Increase The Speed Of Wi-Fi?

Here are some ways through which you can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi. So let’s go.

  • Keep the router in an open place and high from the ground.
  • Keep it away from metals and place it away from corners.
  • Place it in the center of the house for even and easy reach of a network.
  • Keep it away from devices that emit radiation of any kind.
  • Prioritize your device in the router setting, to get more speed.
  • Check and use the best channel.
  • Change the router if there is any defect in the router itself.

These were some ways through which you can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.


Today in this article you learned about why the speed of your Wi-Fi is slow, what can be the reasons for slow speed and how can you fix the problem of the slow speed of Wi-Fi. Since most of the work has shifted from office to home, the internet has become an important part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s office work or studies, everything takes place on the internet and this will continue till the pandemic ends or at least till the situation is under control.

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